The Wolf Inside

Rena Straights life had its ups and downs, but when she turns 16, things get complicated for her. Can her brother keep them safe or will they be killed.

This is only my 2nd movella so please leave comment on what you like and don't like.


1. Chapter 1

Looking over at the freshly stacked wood, a feeling of relief that I was finally done stacking three rows of wet splintery wood swept over me. Smiling I made my way out of the wood room, locking the door behind me. Turning around, I decided to go find Shade my wolf.

I had found Shade only a month or so old, clinging to live on the side of the road on my drive home from school on a freezing cold day. Calling my mom frantically, she answered. I told her the circumstance and she oddly said I could bring it home on the condition I take care of it and nurse it back to health. I agreed and hung up.

Shade was so weak he didn't even bother to get away from me. Putting him in the back seat of my royal blue car, I drove home. He wasn't heavy so it was easy for me to carry him in. Once inside I officially became his caretaker. And that's how I found him.

It had been eight months since then and Shade, a dark grey wolf, had become my best friend. The wild environment services had come after neighbors started noticing Shade. They ran a few tests on him seeing if he was healthy then, after seeing that a connection had grown between the two of us, gave me a wolf permit.

My mind finally stopped wondering after my mom called me," Rena, it's time to eat. Bring Shade up to. I have some extra meat scraps for him." Smiling I called out," Shade, Mom has a treat for you. We must be having pork loan." We both jetted up the stairs, Shade slowing down for me.

Seeing us come up the stairs, my Mom grabbed the meat scraps, which technically weren't scraps. The better word would be delicious left overs from the meat that we will forget to eat if it is put in the fridge. Which happens almost every night.

Putting the scraps on the table next to my plate, Shade hopped up and devoured his dinner. I quickly followed him onto our combined seat and looking down at my food ate happily.

Shade sat with me until I was done then we both began to leave." Rena, where do you think your going?" My Dad asked. I then remembered that we were going on a four mile bike ride. My older brother Caleb smiled and went to find his hoodie. I did the same grabbing my light blue jacket. Caleb had blue eyes and dirty blond hair, which if our mom didn't make him cut it would be a mile long.

Grabbing our bikes we gathered in the Straight family biking line, which was basically us doing whatever and getting to the side of the country road when a car was near. Our parents suddenly got closer and began whispering quietly. Caleb and I swerved over to them and they stopped talking. Caleb, only being a year older than me, was usually allowed to do more because he was 17.

Annoyed we looked at our parents who smiling said," We are just so proud to have you both in our family." My dad cut in. "Caleb, your are becoming quite a strong and tough young man. You bring pride to our family." " Thanks Dad." Caleb said smiling.

Hugging me, my mom spoke," You truly are intelligent. You saved Shade and earned his love. You have beauty beyond compare. Don't let anyone tell you other wise." Cutting in I said," Mom, Dad, is this some sort of last bike ride or something. You talk as if this is the last time you'll ever see us. Laughing slightly our parents said," We just want to tell you how proud we are of you two and how much we love you." Smiling we all went in for a hug, even Shade found a way into the hug.

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