Jade’s Interesting Journey

So, this is a story I wrote before, but I made some changes and forgot my password so yeah LOL.

Jade is just a normal girl, with a normal life. At least, she thought she was until she met this guy and his sister, flew on the back of a dragon to a mysterious world, foight some monsters and a whole lot more. On this journey, it was a live or die rollercoaster. Will she ever go back home?


4. Who Or What Caused the Burning Incident?


As soon as the song was over the bus stopped at the school. All the kids rushed out or hurried to line up in order to get out of the bus first. I was always last or nearly last. Why can't the people be nice and let others through or wait for once?

     When I had a chance to get in line, a girl about my age and height pushed me aside without saying a dang word! She just looked straight ahead and put the "I'm cooler than you" look. It Looks like someone besides me woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

     I tried to ignore that incident today, but it was kinda hard because she was in all of my classes.

     "Oh great," I say to myself in my head "She is in all my classes, and worse, she is sitting right by me. How am I to ignore the stupid incident today when she reminds me of it, by me seeing her! Who does she think she is anyway, by pushing poor kids away? Does she think it's cool? I certainly don't see it as 'cool'.

 Apparently the teacher doesn't care, since she put together a freaking seating arrangement! This is so not my day! 

     I am now in home economics sewing. I hate sewing. I am behind by one day! Unfortunately, that's still way behind according to my teacher. Why does it have to be me? Sewing sucks. Well, I start on with my sewing and I am still so bored! Sewing isn't really that fun to be honest. But luckily the sewing is terrible and not the teacher. The teacher lets you listen to music when working. Of course, I like that very much.

     I start to smell something like smoke. It's probably a burnt cookie or something. Those kids over by my group have a habit of burning things. Luckily, it only lasts one to two more weeks until we switch. Then my group and I can start baking and abandon sewing for a while. Yes! 

     Now I suddenly notice that the smell of smoke is getting stronger by the second. It could really, actually be a fire! Although, on second thought, never in history has this school caught on fire, So that is enough for me to say that my brain is playing tricks on me.  After all, it is not my best day today, so my brain could just be being weird. It's normal. I keep listening to my music and sewing my worst project ever, because of my lack of skill. It looks like a misshapen lump of cloth instead of a turtle.

     Then the fire alarm goes off. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I finally look around and notice that the room is empty. I am so ready to panic, when I notice that I am the only one here in this room. 

     Crash! I seriously screamed. I've had enough. 

     While breathing heavily and feeling like I've ran a thousand miles, I finally decide to look and see that the one side of the room is now laying in a pile of bricks. In the midst, I see some shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye. I see three figures. Two looked like the shadow of people, and the other the shadow of a dragon. I was afraid, yet a bit curious at who these shadows belonged too. They could have started the fire. So I turned my head, and there, is my worst nightmare, miss "I am cooler than you so beat it" and a young man my age. Brown hair, hazel green eyes, no freckles, and a boyish charm. I tell you; I was blushing already. 

     I hope they don't see that I am already blushing. Plus, I don't even know that guy! Well, I hope I'm not like a werewolf, who just runs off with their new mate." I told myself. But when I saw her, I sure hoped she wasn't his girlfriend. "I might as well be a werewolf" I thought. 

     This is weird; I usually don't think about or notice guys. And plus, I don't even know him! Although, I've seen him before at school. I was already having a crush on this dude! "girl, pull yourself together." I told myself. Oh my gosh, I am such a dork! Then, my eyes finally stop staring and wandered to the left, where I see my dream come true. A real, living, amazing, awesome dragon.

        The dragon that I was looking at, was the most beautiful creature, I have ever seen. A crown of silver horns, electric ice blue eyes, blue scales and a white underbelly. She was tall, muscular, and amazing at flying, because I studied her wing structure. She must be a winter dragon, or a water dragon. I am not entirely sure, but I know she is one of those, or quite possibly both. 

   As I was studying the dragon, a voice spoke up saying, "You must be quite interested in the dragon here, Jade." It was he girl who pushed me away on the bus when I was trying to get out.  

I did not want to answer her, obviously because she hates me, so I kept studying the dragon. 

     I also noticed the guy studying my eyes and face with interest and curiosity. Although, he must have seen me move my head a bit, when I looked through the corner of my eye just enough to see him quickly look away. Hmm, wow that's interesting.

     "Jade, will you answer my question, please?" She repeats the question again. "Are you interested in dragons?" 

     I snap out of my daze. "Yes! I am! Miss...miss...." I realized that I didn't know her name. I sadly started to trail off when she said her name. 


    "Taylor? I really like that name. "


    "Hey, are you related to that guy over there?" I said, trying not to sound too


     "Yeah, that's Dylan over there, my brother. He's shy and is in our grade."

     I feel a wave of relief and a small feeling of excitement. They're brother and sister, hallelujah! Yes! Not boyfriend and girlfriend! I started my way over to talk to him. I hope I don't mess up or anything, because that would be so awkward.

    "Um, h-h-hi Dylan. How are you?"

    "Dang it! You did mess up Jade," I said to myself. I hope he doesn't assume that I always stutter, because I don't. (Most of the time)

    "Um, hey. I am....." 

     He was about to say something, when Taylor came up to us. 

    "Okay guys, I see it is awkward for you two. Ernest says it's time to go." 

    Trying to hide my disappointment, which I'm quite sure I did, I ask, "Who's Ernest?"

    "I am," says the amazing dragon. 

I try not to squeal. "Awesome! Wait, the dragon talks? I know everything about them, except for that."

     Dylan said, "Then maybe you don't know everything." 

     I said in a slightly annoyed voice, "I just said that that I didn't know that..." I was caught in the middle of the sentence when Dylan said, "Hey, I was just playing with you." I don't know if it was reality or my imagination, but I swear I saw some humor, kindness, and a sparkle in eyes. He then winked and said, "Come on."

     I immediately turn my attention back to the dragon, too embarrassed to even look at him for a few minutes. "You know what?" I asked myself "You need to stay away from him as much as you can without hurting him, and you need to build trust, but not immediately trust him, He could be a demon, for all you know." 




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