Jade’s Interesting Journey

So, this is a story I wrote before, but I made some changes and forgot my password so yeah LOL.

Jade is just a normal girl, with a normal life. At least, she thought she was until she met this guy and his sister, flew on the back of a dragon to a mysterious world, foight some monsters and a whole lot more. On this journey, it was a live or die rollercoaster. Will she ever go back home?


6. This is Amazing!

     I screamed bloody murder. Again. least I think I did, since Dylan covered his ears and yelled at me. Why? Because I made the worst decision and looked down. And it was far down, like, way over 5000 feet below kind of down. But it was thrilling! 


   " Dude! Jade! Please don't scream. You just burst both of my eardrums! "


   " Sorry. But I screaming from excitement! "


    " You were? I honestly thought it was in fear." 




    " Oh, well then, ok. Cool with me".


     " By the way, if I burst your eardrums, how can you hear me now?"


      " ummmm...." He was stopping to think for a while.  I was laughing within two minutes. 


     " Right." I said, still laughing. 


     He stopped talking and just started thinking.  I wonder what he was thinking.




Dylan (In his mind)


      Seriously, I thought she was screaming in fear. Who would be able to tell? Anyways, it's actually an awesome feeling to know that Jade  was having fun. I like to see her happy and smiling. Her smile is amazing and radiant. Her laugh was like bells in Christmastime. Beautiful and light.  She was the first impression,  kind of pretty. Her looks were good too, and her personality so far.


     Dude! What am I thinking! Yeah we knew each other a bit but that's about all. Do I like her? No seriously, do I? You know what? I don't. Stay away from her!  She could be evil! But her? Ugh. 


   I am completely confused. 






Well, other than being half freaked out and half excited I'm doing pretty well on my first Dragon flight trip. But I am so curious about where we are going. 


Maybe it's a forest or waterfall.


A mountain?


What about a dragon's lair?


I say to myself " it's okay Jade, don't Panic."


As if Ernest could read my mind the dragoness said " don't worry, it will be an amazing sight for your human eyes to see."






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