Jade’s Interesting Journey

So, this is a story I wrote before, but I made some changes and forgot my password so yeah LOL.

Jade is just a normal girl, with a normal life. At least, she thought she was until she met this guy and his sister, flew on the back of a dragon to a mysterious world, foight some monsters and a whole lot more. On this journey, it was a live or die rollercoaster. Will she ever go back home?


5. The Take-Off Trip

So, I said, "where is our car?"


Tayloria answered "we're not taking a car. We are riding Ernest. 

"What?" I was shocked.

      I loved dragons, but I never wanted to ride aboard one. Yikes, just think about the sheer drop if you were to fall off. I shiver while trying to get rid of the thought.


     "You're not scared, are ya?" Asked Dylan. I couldn't tell if he was teasing or not. Boys are hard to understand sometimes.


     " uh, a ....little. Just a little. " I was lying. I was freaking out! I could fall off! Could he tell I was lying? I certainly hope not.


     "Ok, " He said. I could tell he was concerned. ' I can do this' I tell myself.


     Tayloria got Ernest ready while I was...hiding, in a corner. A dark corner. I am freaking out so much! Although, I stop and pause to think for one minite. I wonder what it will feel like when riding a dragon. Will it be smooth like a bird? Or chunky and swiveling like an airplane? I actually have not ever been on an airplane to be honest. 


     I was nervous,  yet excited. The feeling you often get when performing something, or about to tell a guy or girl you like them y'know? Maybe you don't, oh well.


     Then while I was thinking about the dragon flight, coincidentally ( not really) Tayloria said " time to go!" Ernest then said to " climb aboard! " oh great, I just hope I don't act like an idiotic freaked out person. Which I sorta am at this moment. Then I sigh. I was about to get on when Ernest says " it's going to be fine. I'll go easy for you Jade. 


     "Thank you Ernest. I really appreciate it."


     "You're most welcome miss. "


    I try not to freak out while I get on Ernest. But it's so hard to control my fear of heights and ....yeah. You get what I mean hopefully.


     "Well, here I go. "


Ernest bends down with her wings folded, starts to run forward, and...... jumps off a cliff.


  You want to know what I did ? I screamed freakin bloody murder. 



Dylan says, “ We are not gonna die. Get a hold of yourself!”

At the same time Tayloria exclai,s quite loudly, “SHUT YOUR FACE OR I AM GOING TO SHUT IT FOR YOU!”

Dylan grabs my hand and tells me we are going to be fine. So, I finally quiet down. For a minute. Ernest now unfolds her wings, and we fly straight up in the clouds. 

Whoosh! We are now officially airborne.














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