Jade’s Interesting Journey

So, this is a story I wrote before, but I made some changes and forgot my password so yeah LOL.

Jade is just a normal girl, with a normal life. At least, she thought she was until she met this guy and his sister, flew on the back of a dragon to a mysterious world, foight some monsters and a whole lot more. On this journey, it was a live or die rollercoaster. Will she ever go back home?


1. Let Me Introduce Myself


     Hi there! My name is Jade December Layton. I am 17 years old and I am, very truly, a normal girl. At least I hope I am. I am normally quite nice and quiet and I tolerate city people. But some days I am outa place with feelings . Doesn't everyone? I live in the country and I really enjoy it. Plenty of farming and planting crops. I have many friends and a loving family, who is a bit overprotective of me. *small laugh* I have brown hair with blond streaks, green eyes with most every compatible color you can imagine, and I have a love for dragons.

Not trying offend anyone. What I'm gonna say is so not true. We are all equal city or not.

Yes, a love for dragons. Most gals that aren't like me are more into ponies, poodles, or obsessed with stupid Make-up and expensive clothing. I wonder why? Are they like snotty princesses or something? Or brats. No good brats. Well, no doubt about it. Tomboys are way, way better than city gals. We love work, we enjoy family and we take care of farms. We don't text or call our ' girlfriends' as city people would say it, but save that time to connect with family. Yeah, tomboys score 80 cities score 20.

Oh man, why am I thinking like this? Tell me why? I told myself a while ago that I would think positive and not say tomboys are better than squirrelly city gals. Why am I thinking like this? Oh well, time to face another day with a smile! 

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