Jade’s Interesting Journey

So, this is a story I wrote before, but I made some changes and forgot my password so yeah LOL.

Jade is just a normal girl, with a normal life. At least, she thought she was until she met this guy and his sister, flew on the back of a dragon to a mysterious world, foight some monsters and a whole lot more. On this journey, it was a live or die rollercoaster. Will she ever go back home?


2. Do I have to get up now?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!..... That's the digital alarm clock going off. How wonderful, I think sarcastically. 


"Is it seriously already 6 a.m? " I think to myself. I dread to look at the cursed clock, afraid that it is 6 in the morning. But I will myself to look,  and sure enough it is. Today was a Monday, the worst day of the week in school.

"Jade, it's time to get up off your butt and go to school! " someone said from downstairs. I hear footsteps coming up the wooden staircase. I squeeze my eyes shut hoping that whoever it is will think I'm asleep.

" GET OFF YOUR LAZY SLEEPIN BUTT NOW !" It sounds like my big brother Samuel.

" I don't wanna get up." I mumble.

" Well, you only have one twenty minutes now to get ready instead of thirty-five." My bro says.

" So?"

" So, if you don't get up I'll throw you into the coldest shower you've ever had with your clothes on"

"You wouldn't dare!"

He responds " you wanna bet?" And reaches down to pick me up

I screech" no! I'll get up, I'll get up!"

" I thought so." He says while laughing. 

I attempt a scowl, but I just end up laughing my head off, 

I love my brother!  But he is such a goofball. 



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