Black to my Pink

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 14 2017


2. Two

Riding in the car there builds so much tension. I look next to me, my mom’s eyes are fixated on the road. “She’s pissed. I didn’t do anything. Did I?” I think to myself. “We’re almost there. Get your stuff ready.” Mom says like she’s mad and well she is. As I gather my stuff from the floor I can feel the car turn to the right. I look up I see a familiar building. It’s patterned. What should be red of a brick is grey and the white glue substance that holds them together is still white.
    Mom parks the car in the third row of the parking lot. Looks back at me from the front seat and says, “Have a good day my little girl.” I can see the tears build up in her eyes. I smile to show that I enjoy her compassion. I don’t want her to cry so I tell her, “I will be fine mom don’t worry. I am a sophomore now I know how High School works.” I quickly get out and shut the door so I don’t see her cry. I know that if she cries then I will cry. If I cry then I will be teased even more then I already do. 
    After a minute of weaving through the crowed I find my locker. It’s right at the front of the school. The girl next to me already has her door to her locker open. It has wrapping paper on it. The wrapping paper is supposed to be pink, I can see the pink. This is the best thing that has happened to me in years. I imminently introduce myself. 
“Hi I’m Tessa Smith I like what you did with your locker.” I blurt out. The girl looks at me like I am a puppy in the rain. Then she says, “Hey I am Sapphire. Thanks. I am a sophomore here but I don’t know where room 203 is, can you help me?” I finish getting my last book and shut my locker.  I look down at my schedule then say, “Ha, wish I could that’s my next class but I don’t know where it is. Last year was pretty hectic for me, but come with me  I have an Idea of where it is.”. 
Then Sapphire gets her books and shuts her locker looks at me and says, “Ok! Lead the way!”
After a few minutes of searching the bell rings. Suddenly Sapphire blurts, “Shit we need to get going. Come on,” Then we start running to find the room 203. After running for a minute we find room 203 which happened to be by our lockers the whole time. I and Sapphire walk into the room, all eyes on us.


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