Black to my Pink

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 14 2017


3. Three

Room 203 has about 32 kids in it; all of them are looking at us. Me, and Sapphire sit next to each other. The only two spots still open. While the teacher gives us the death stares she says, “Why are you late. You have 3 seconds to tell me why you are late.” I could tell that the teacher had already heard about me. Sapphire blurts, “We got lost and we tried to find our way but it took a lot of searching. So now you have us here and late.”
    “Well then, sit and get started on the paper. It should be easy.” The teacher gets up, walks across the room, and hands us the papers. While the teacher makes her way back to her seat she looks around the room, she could see her students staring at her, the flash backs rushed to her. Last year they where one quarter away from the end of the school year, yes, that was what it was, when Tyler walked up. Tyler was the Bad Boy at school. He smelled bad, and he also had bad breath. He ran up and kissed me. One thing about Tyler is that Brittney has a crush on him. She made my life horrible. 
    After that incident Brittney decided that spreading rumors would be the best way to ruin my life, making my life a complete mess. No friends, many bullies, depression, and holding all the hate for everyone inside me. On the last day of school Brittney, Tyler, and 3 other people spend one hour after school beating me up. But summer was not any better. Facebook blew up my phone with people taunting me. 
    But now here I am sitting in room 203. Doing a paper for my History class that was just telling my teacher more about me. I can feel everyone’s eyes on me. But I hear Sapphire next to me giggling. I take a swift glance over to her paper at what I can see there is a lot of jokes. I smile knowing that she is having a good time
**Ring Ring**
Class is finally over and every one huddles to the teacher to turn in their papers. I feel their eyes fall off of me. I am free from their gaze. I turn in my final paper that is done. Then walk to my locker with Sapphire.


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