Black to my Pink

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 14 2017


4. four

At my locker I ask Sapphire, “What’s your next class?” Getting my books out she looks at me with an impossibly big smile. 
    Then she replies, “Choir. What about you?” I try to crack a smile but all I get is a small smirk, “Oh, I have P.E. I think it’s the worst class ever made.”
    She gives me a shocked look, “Well that’s your opinion but I personally like them all.” 
    I look at her. In my head I try to place her in one of the groups. 
    The Jocks 
    The Emo group
Lastly the Cheer Leaders
Yes that is really their names. Of course there are more kids, but those are all the Freshman I can cross off and label.
    But none of them are her group. She’s different like a diamond in rocks, it’s like she has her own outlook on life. This is the one person in the world who has never given me a mean comment back. I wonder why is she so different, why does she act so different?
    I see it. Her dress I see a color. Pink I can see her pink dress. I have found my new favorite color.
 See my new P.E. teacher in the middle of the gym. Her existence is made present to me by her jump suit. It’s so old that the only thing I see is stitches to keep it together. 

    “Ok fuzz balls everyone on the red line! We’re starting!” 
    Everyone hustles to the red line that goes horizontally across the gym. The popular girls are all standing together, then again everyone is standing in their groups. This leaves me out no group not a single person to help me.
“Ok, you all have played this game before, yes, I am talking about dodge ball, and if you haven’t then you better learn quickly. Now I only have one rule during dodge ball. If you throw something to hard you will sit on the side line doing packet work for the whole semester. Do I make myself clear?” She yells as her voice booms around the room. 
Not a single word echo’s in the gym as she puts the balls down on the gym floor.
“My name is Mrs. Pauly and when the whistle blows the game begins. Here is how we are making teams, Boys on one side, girls on the other.” After giving us that information she walks off the court and we all shuffle to the different sides of the gym. When we all finally get organized she blows the whistle. All the boys go for the balls; barely any girls go out there. But for then for some reason I run up to grab a ball, for some reason instead of the normal gray it’s a different color, Purple. But then again I get hit by a ball, being the first one out everyone’s attention drifts toward me as they make an ‘L’ on their foreheads while murmuring about me. But I am already used to it. It’s not my life has been a living hell for the last two years.
Sitting through the rest of the game is painfully boring. Although the teacher threatened the packet work for Brittney who of course throws the dodge ball at me. The sudden sting brings me out of my thoughts and into the real world. I don’t know why but a sudden surge of confidence allows me to stand up for myself. 
“Mrs. Pauly Brittney threw a dodge ball at me”, But I said that in my head so that no one heard it but me. 

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