My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


5. The club

Note- This chapter may contain swearing and sexual content.


Few minutes later we arrived at Harry's house. the real hide place, Harry's mother made sure to give us a house that is well hidden and provided it with guards so if someone would try to attack us they would need to walk through the guards first. 

My job doesn't provide me protection, since I was 16 years old I started doing missions and I'd been always on my own. It's either succeed or die, no other option in between.

I actually thought about keeping Lora in this house when I brought her here, it's so safe for her but then I thought about it again, I can't keep her in this isolated house she'll get bored and would feel like an imprisoned bird and then I couldn't assign her to college and let her come in and out of the house so much, it would've drown too much attention and by now we'd been really screwed up and would have no chance to save her, it would've ended up with me and Harry being captured.

So I had no other choice than to keep her in the city and drive her everyday to and from college and had Harry looking over her during the day.

At night he slept with one eye open, making sure nothing harms her, and sometimes I used to sleep over at her apartment giving some break here and there.

Well,I used it as an excuse to stay the night with her, just because I miss being around her, I miss the snacks that she prepares for us. And I like to listen to her while she talks about the events of her day. The exclusive part that I get to hear is her own perspective on these things, it just amazes me how creatively she thinks of stuff. I can fall in love only listening to her words that describes everything differently.

Harry and Lora became friends so fast, thanks to his acting skills. One thing you learn as being a royal kid is to put a mask on and act up in front of people. But he ended up enjoying Lora's company and got used to her presence in his life. 

It didn't surprise me, anyone who start to talk to Lora can recognize how different she is. The only thing she's living for is her drawings, but behind every single one lies a story with a detailed description.

When Harry parked the car in the garage I got out of the car, and was about to head inside the house when I noticed that the car was bouncing in its place and a kicking noise was heard shortly after.

I looked at Harry with a questioning look on my face. But he didn't catch it, instead he just stood there and looked at me plainly waiting for me to explain myself. I can't get he's such a smart ass, how can he be so dumb sometimes ?!

"Bro, you have something in the trunk ?"

The look on his face told me that he totally forgot that ... I smiled at him in disbeleife.

" Well, yeah" He stretched his hand behind his neck playing with hair on his neck, a habit we do when we have hard time explaining a certain situation" I've got the bastard that we've been looking for".

 He opened the trunk and I was greeted by a small figure of an old man tied up.

"Well, well, well..." I clapped my hands and looked at the old man "Then it's you ha ?" I was just messing with him, but his eyes showed terror and fear as he started shaking his head trying to say no.

Harry patted my back "Let's leave him here just a bit more" and closed the trunk of the car again.

He continued, "We have some planning to do and I don't want him to hear a thing, we can't risk that".

I nodded at him agreeing with every word he has said. I don't care as long as that old man suffers, god knows what Lora is suffering right now. He deserves it.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you" I told Harry gaining his full attention.

"I already texted James that Lora went missing and remineded him about the our agreement and we're officially free to break all rules that we want."

His eyes darkened a little and then sparkled with enthusiasm as we said in unison "Let's get loaded !!". We looked at each other with a knowing look and raced into the house.

Usually, when James gives a certain mission to someone, he also limits the weapons that he can use for that certain mission. But we had an agreement with him before hand this time, that if anything happens to Lora the whole contract is cancelled and we're free to choose our weapons and do whatever we had to in order to save her. We can go against the whole rules of the country and never get charged for that.

I broke into the house running scaring the guards, they put their weapons up pointing them at us, thinking that invaders broke in. Then they recognized us and bowed their heads in forgiveness.

I just went on running to our storage room. Harry followed behind me in there and stared at me, while I started picking guns like I'm doing grocery shopping.

I took my backpack and started stuffing it with grenades.

"Yo man chill over there, with all this amount of grenades you're going to blow up yourself if you decided to smoke a cigarette" I froze on the spot, observing his words he was right I would take out a cigarette any moment that I feel like it.

"You're right" I told him truthfully, taking the pack of cigarette out my pocket and putting it on the table. " Then no need for them, as long as they're holding me back from finding Lora"I winked at him and continued my trip among the drawers studying each weapon carefully choosing the things that I needed wisely.

 Harry sat on the table studying my every move and gave his opinion about the choose of the weapons. 

"We need to inform my mom about this" He stated out of no where.

"What? are you crazy ? she would send an army with us on this mission"  I told him not believing that he's just suggested that. 

"Look we've discussed this before, she got to know about everything" he insisted.

I looked at him, studying his face. He was keeping a straight face that showed no emotion, and he for sure doesn't take a no as an answer, why would he anyway ?

He's grown up into a certain position that doesn't allow him to do anything without informing about it, he does have a certain ability to judge some situations wisely but this thing about informing makes me go crazy. That's why I refused to go and live with the family when mom told me about the secret country.

"Listen Harry, she's going to learn about it sooner or later. But for now you know that it's not wise to concern her when she has other matters to deal with, since you're not there to help her out".

He nodded his head at me, and looked away from me. I was relieved that I've managed to convince him. But at the same time I know how he's missing going home, and doesn't want to go back to the big responsibilities that he has there at the same time.

"Shall we bring Mr. Collins from the car? 15 minutes has passed and I don't want him to pass out yet" He said while he didn't show any interest of getting up and doing what he's just suggested.

I understood him, he wants to feel like he still can boss people around.

"I'll go get him for you, your fucking highness" I smirked at him while I faked a bow.

"Is that so? Sounds like someone is wishing for a royal fuck tonight ..." He smirked back at me challenging me.

Well, I didn't expect that coming form him ...

"You shall not fuck with me your highness" I wiggled my eyebrows at him and continued " for that I would never give you my verginity"

"What did you just say ?" he looked at me astonished.

"What ?" I asked acting as if it's no big deal, and it's really no big deal.

"How old are you dude?" he gaped at me.

"I'm 22" I shrugged.

"Well ? and you didn't do it yet ?" he pushed on me wanting for me to explain how I have so much freedom and still didn't get laid.

"I would do it just with the only girl that I love and she's the only one that I have the desire for" I stated and walked out of the room, leaving him alone. For me it's not even a topic to be discussed, I've made it clear to my family that Lora is mine and I'm hers, I could act up as if I'm dating someone just for a mission but I've never in my life had a real date.

I've always been waiting for her to turn 18, and then shit happened and everything went the wrong way. I couldn't start a relationship with her while I'm on a mission to save her life, it would just distract me more.

So I kept teasing her all the time, giving her as much reasons as I can to push me away from her, cause I could never stay away from her with my own will.

After two hours of questioning the old man, he finally spilled some information about where Lora might be, and what's the purpose behind kidnapping her.

He did mention a certain club where they will gather and move together from there. It's obvious that Christian is already preparing to fly her away from here.

Eh that won't happen, I'm coming for her. She's not going to spend much more time with that bastard.

And surprisingly, they kidnapped Lora so that they can make us chase her and kill us. Harry has so much important information that we're not wiling to endanger.

After changing our plans according to the new information that we got I stormed off on my bike and went to the so called club where the group of bastards are meeting at.

I made sure to fake a VIP card, so that I could pass whole the people who may be waiting out of the club. 

I slipped inside and started looking around, maybe I would catch a glance of Lora and it would prove that the old man didn't lie to us. 

He better not lie, his life is in our hands now. He better be saying the truth and not distracting us.

The club turned out to be a stripping club, I cursed myself for not making a research on it before coming here. If one of the strippers touches my body and discovers that I'm loaded, I'm done.

I kept walking straight towards the bar casually, as if nothing is wrong. Examening my surroundings trying to look as much confident as I can.

I sat by the bar, and ordered a drink.

The music was buzzing inside of my head, making me feel like my brain is bouncing inside of my skull, I started studying my surroundings...

The bar was designed in a very interesting way, the bottles were kept in a certain order on the shelves and each one glowed in a different color.

The colors did match the surroundings and it looked fascinating.

'Creative shit' I thought to myself while observing it.

Maybe it took my attention for a little too long, cause I didn't notice one of the strippers sitting right next to me, her tiny dress if you'd call it so, barely hid anything form her body.

I noticed her presence when she put her hand on my leg, catching my attention. I could feel the skin of my leg burning under her touch, I hate to be touched by women who thinks that  it's okay to touch a man without his permission.

But after all, I'm sitting in a stripping club and it's actually made for that purpose. All the men who come to this club are seeking only for one thing. And I wish that I would not be considered one of them, if Lora will see me in this position right now she'd not approve for sure.

Who am I kidding ? She would strip me out of my skin while I'me still alive. 

My whole body shivered when the stripper came closer to me and stated whispering dirty things into my ear.

It didn't feel right at all, but I had to endure it.

Just as I was thinking about Lora, my eyes caught something moving at the dark end of the bar and right in front of me, she was standing there looking around trying to make out her surroundings.

Then our gazes met and locked with each other, I saw something flick in her eyes but I couldn't read it.

Was it hurt? anger? betrayal?

I wish she;d run to me and end my life right here and now.

My heart was squeezing itself in my chest not wanting to pump blood anymore, I would never forgive myself for this.....

I came closer to the dancer who was standing now right next to me and feeling my body with her hands. Every time, she came closer to where I put the gun in the back of my pants. I would hold her hand and bring it to my chest.

Trying to distract her from the idea of exploring my body freely, and trying to let her feel my tension.

My eyes were still holding Lora's gaze, I whispered something in the stripper's ear making her laugh, she's so silly, and then excused myself to the bathroom.

I walked away from the stripper, sensing that she was following me. I kept looking at the wall behind the bar trying to find the entrance from where Lora had showed up. But I couldn't find it.

As I entered the bathroom, I stood aside and waited for the stripper to come into view. Few seconds later she showed up by the door of the bathroom, she was looking around for me.

Then I took her by surprise and hugged her body to mine spun her around and trapped her between my body and the wall. I know girls like this kind of shit.

Her eyes were looking at me with need. I didn't want to kiss her, afraid that I might spill emotions in my kiss that are meant for Lora.

I just kept her in place my hands roaming her body. Until she was shaking with need for my touch, just then I let go for her and asked her if they have a private room maybe somewhere that we can use.

"I like privacy" I whispered in her ear seductively.

She nodded her head, and lead me to the place that I needed. A small hidden kind of alley right behind the wall of the bar.

Creative eh?



My head was throbbing with pain, my eyes lids felt so heavy as if I've never opened them before in my whole life. I knew that something is up with me, I guess that real damage was caused to my sight.

My body felt so heavy and I couldn't move at all.

My mind started to freak out, cause I literally felt like my soul was snatched out of my body. My breath was heavy too, I tried to inhale more air into my lungs but I couldn't.

I tried to convince myself to calm down, and managed to breathe in and out slowly until my body started to wake up.

Few minutes have passed and I started to recognize voices and stuff happening around me, I couldn't make out anything that have been said but at least I tried to concentrate and understand it.

Then there was so much noise around, and suddenly all the voices has vanished and there was silence, I've always liked silence when you could hear nothing around but your own thoughts. But not this time, now I needed information about the people who're keeping me as a hostage, what do they want from me and so many other questions roamed through my mind.

I tried to open my eyes slowly, trying not make my head throb even more. My vision wasn't clear, but at least I could see, maybe not with details but that will serve me for now.

I could feel my body finally, the strange thing that I was being held upside down on someone's shoulders, all I could see was a black swaying ass. And it took me few good minutes to understand that.

I didn't have much time  to think how to skip the person's grip, but this time I needed to be careful with my landing.

I held the person's ass in my hands and digged my nails in it as strong as I can. The person started screaming and tried to put me down, but I didn't loosen my grip not a bit.

I found the situation really funny and I was laughing like crazy, yet I didn't give up.

I took advantage of the situation and started looking around trying to make out my surroundings.

He was walking down a dark hallway, I couldn't see anything. Suddenly he loosened his grip on my so I just jumped off of his back and landed safely on my hands and flipped my body on the floor and stood up quickly ready to fight.

At this moment my sight betrayed me and I couldn't see anything, but I didn't show that. I stood my ground and tried to pay more attention to my other senses.

A whole other things were visible to me now, I had my back against the wall so that no one could attack me from behind. I could feel the wall vibrating as if a blasting music was being played on the other side of it.

I started taking careful steps to the opposite direction that the person who was holding me was walking in.

I didn't sense anyone else except that person who was had carried me over here, I could detect that he's coming closer to me from the right, and his breath was heavy giving me the ability to measure the distance that was decreasing between us.

When he was close enough I tried to be faster than him kicked him in his stomach. 

A big thud was followed by my actions identicating for me that my move had succeeded, and I could hear the man moaning in pain. My heart softened for a mere second, but I was fast to remind myself that he's trying to kidnap me, he deserved that and even more.

I went back to my position, leaning my body against the wall and started moving faster to the left with small careful steps yet I moved rapidly.

I could hear loud music playing, so I kept moving towards the sound. Until the wall ended and I nearly fell on the floor. I cursed myself for not paying attention to such a crucial detail. I can't get hurt again, I already caused myself enough damage.

The music was blasting loudly, and my vision came back. Suddenly, I was standing in front of a big crowd of people. None of them was paying attention to my presence, I was standing behind a bar where two bartenders were serving drinks while throwing bottles in the air that made my heart nearly drop to the floor.

I was still standing far behind them to notice me. But my gaze did lock with a pair of chocolate brown eyes, with a hint of yellow in them, this gaze that I was familiar with.

I wanted to go out and reach for him, so he could take me out of this place and rescue me from whoever it is who was kidnapping me.

But I didn't move when I noticed that there was a nearly naked girl sitting next to him, and her hands roaming over his body. The body that I've been hugging for years seeking for safety and relaxation.

I was sure he saw me, and recognized me as well but he didn't do anything to make the girl next to him go away. He held on her waste and whispered something in her ear that made her laugh, despite the loud music that was playing I could imagine her laughter and it echoed in my head making it hurt even more than before.

Then he got out of his seat being followed by the whore who was sitting next to him, I wanted to see where he was heading to, but my sight betrayed me again. Damn it !!

I could feel tears forming in my eyes, tears that I couldn't shed. I let myself cry, trying to get rid from the throbbing pain in my chest.

I felt a cloth being placed onto my mouth and nose again, and I didn't resist it and took a deep breath in, but this time I could feel the pain in my heart getting deeper and deeper making me wish I didn't see that. I prefer to be blind before I would see another woman lay a finger on my Jay. Fuck that, she was ... ugh I don't want to think about it.

But the scene seemed to replay itself over and over again torturing me.

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