My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


1. Prologue

Walking right through the beautiful green forest bare foot while wearing a long white dress, I stopped and looked around me, trying to figure out where I was and how I got here. But I couldn't.


I was lost, trying to find my way out. 


I want to go back home, I want to feel safe again. 


I miss my painting colors which I was forced to leave at home, and now I'm trying to find my way back.


I feel like it's been forever since I last used my hands and drew something. My hands are dirty now as I was digging for the truth. 


Sometimes life can be distracting; taking you down a path that you don't want to walk through.


Now as I look around me and observe my surroundings, all the ways look the same to me as if I was going in circles for hours. As if there's a hidden secret, and if I find out what it is I might find my way out of here.


At least I like the weather, I told myself trying to motivate myself to keep going.


The weather is cold  but not too cold. It has a light cold breeze that made me feel comfortable. It felt like spring, but at the same time it was threatening to change any minute and a storm would start. 

The wind blew gently making my hair fly backwards getting it out of my face.It felt good to be around here, yet it's not where I belong. When you spend too much time lost I guess you just get used to it. But the thing is that I don't wanna get used to it. 


A few minutes later my feet started to hurt. as much as I liked this place, I wanted to find what I was looking for so I could go home as soon as I can.


At some point the texture of the ground started to change underneath my feet, it felt softer and more moisturized.

Suddenly, I noticed the sound of splashing water that I didn't notice before. But the sound was so seemed to be pretty far away, only then I realized how thirsty I was.

I followed the sound and walked towards it faster and faster, at the same time I could feel my throat getting  more and more dry. 


I was so desperate for a drop of water, something that can help me refresh and feel alive again.


Seconds later I was standing at the edge of a calmly running river.It looked so magical, the water so clear that I could see the rocks sitting at the bottom .


I got closer to the edge, bent over and drank a little bit of water. 


Then I closed my eyes and listened the sounds around me.


I stood in the river, my feet standing on the sliperry rocks,  the water washed away the dirt from my feet and my dress floated on the water around me.


"Here you are! I finally found you" a voice shouted at me from the other side of the river, disturbing the silence.


I looked in front of me to the source of the voice, and there he stood looking handsome as ever. His blue eyes blood shot red looking at me and I could see the disappointment in them.


'Oh no' I thought to myself, wondering how did he find me.


"Jay?" I whispered more to myself. 


I didn't break eye contact with him and  started taking one step backwards at a time. 


With every step I took, he took another step towards me, suddenly the space that  the small river has put in between us is no longer a barrier. And he can decrease the space between us with few big strolls.


His eyes were pleading when he saw me trying to put as much space between as possible.


"Lora stop. Don't run away, I'll ..."


I didn't stay to hear the rest of the sentence, when my feet hit the dry land I gave him my back and sprinted towards the woods again.


I ran with all my might, even though I could hear him following me, I refused to stop or even look back to see how far or close he is.


' I can't stop', I kept telling myself.



' I must go on, I must fight him for my freedom'.



The weather changed, turned to be gloomy, and the wind was blowing roughly.

Brown and orange leaves were flying everywhere.



But nothing could stop me or make me surrender. 


An old building came into view, sitting at the bottom of the hill, as I came closer I could see clearly that it's a church.

I stood for split a second and looked behind me, he was nowhere to be seen.


'I must've lost him' I thought to myself.


I approached the church, I should go hide so he won't find me again.


I opened the church's door pushing it open widely to both sides. 


The church was empty, and the second my feet hit the cold floor I flinched.


I looked down to my feet and found that they're bleeding. I walked further into the building trying to find something that might help.


Then I heard hurried footsteps walking behind me,  approaching me as fast as lightning.


I froze in my place and turned around.


He was already standing behind me, too close to my liking.


I was in pain and already panting from the long run. My heart ached from the look he was holding in his eyes, I just stood there and stared into his eyes reading the stories that they were telling. But I didn't feel safe being with him anymore.


I started taking few steps backwards, trying to run away again or at least put some space between us. But this time he stopped me, he took few steps forward and hooked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.


"Marry me Lora." he said. 


He didn't even ask me, he just demanded that. 


"Never!" I shouted at him pushing him away from me and started running again, not sure where to go hide from him or how to get out of here.


I hardly managed to take few steps when a gunshot deafened my ears, I felt so much pain that I couldn't breathe anymore and then everything turned black.


My eyes shot open and I woke up, to find myself in storage room sleeping on the mattress that I can't seem to get used to, my clothes soaked from sweating and I could hardly catch my breath.


This dream just won't go away and leave me in peace.


I'm already dealing with too much shit during the day, why is it haunting me at night?


Can't I have some time for myself in this world ?

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