My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


6. Lost in the dark


I lost it.

I totally lost everything.

I lost count of the days I've been stuck in here, only god knows where I am right now.

I lost hope that someone is actually coming for me, it's obvious that Jay is already having fun. The same day I was kidnapped he went out to celebrate at a club with a random girl... Well I'm not sure she's random, maybe she's someone he knows and hangs out with often...

Couldn't he wait at least for few more days?

This was the second time he's broken my heart.

First he brings a girl to my 18 birthday, and now on the day I get kidnapped and actually had to fight for my own life, he goes out with a girl again...

How many times can he break my heart ?

I can't forget how he was looking at her and smiling, he had one arm around her barely covered body and was sipping on his drink. He was so in the moment.

How could he have charge over my life and decisions, acting all protective over me and the moment I disappear he goes out to have fun.

As if I was standing in his way all this time ....

 I hardly saw him, he didn't even stay with me in the same apartment to make me feel safe.

He was acting like he was really saving my life my bringing me to the city, but he left me all alone I was feeling lonely depressed and anxious.

I didn't feel safe at all. If I didn't have Harry by my side I don't know how I would've survived.

Who apparently was a part of Jay's 'plan', I can't really understand what kind of plan it is ... but I just got along trusting him with my life, feelings and heart.

And ended up loosing everything...

I wish that at least Harry wasn't faking our friendship. He meant so much to me.

My chest felt tight . The throbbing pain that I had in my chest since I saw Jay with that girl, is growing and increasing with each second I think about him. I can't seem to stop thinking.

I wanted to cry and make the pain that have been torturing me for what feels like forever to disappear.

I knew that heartbreak hurts, but no one ever told me that you feel it physically tearing your heart apart.

And to top it all, I lost my sight. Loosing my sight means loosing my talent.

Loosing my talent means loosing my life.

I can't draw anymore, no more colors will exist in my life.

Everything is black, and that's how it's going to stay.

My eyes were dry as the Sahara desert, not allowing me to take my emotions out. Not a single tear slipped out. And I feel like a mess of emotions.

I've always been able to spill my feelings onto paper and I would create the perfect picture of my missery, I used to draw the feeling that made me feel bad and it helped me to let go of things that bothered me.

It all started when I was two years old, when my dad used to lock me in my room for not behaving well enough, for eating sweets that he forbid me to eat.

He wanted me to follow his rules, but I never did.

But I couldn't do anything about it at the time, so I would sit down and start drawing. And when got so pissed off I would draw on the walls of my room.

At that time, I didn't draw perfect pictures from reality. But it just made me feel better, the more I scratched on the walls with my crayons the more my heart fell at ease.

And now being tied up to this chair, black is all I can see, forced to stay in one place without moving was like forcing me to think about everything that happened to me.

It's literally rubbing the pain in my face again and again and again ..... endlessly.

For me this is the biggest punishment I've ever had in my life.

Once I thought my life was complicated, because of my feelings towards Jay. But now I realize that once I had everything and I was happy. But now I have nothing to fight for.

I had my family, my mom and dad weren't the best parents. But I loved them. They used to give me anything I asked for except from candy and sweets, and I was fine with that. I could always have a cupcake thrown into my room from the window.

I used to draw freely, no one ever asked me to do homework. I had all the time in the world to do the thing that I loved.

I always had Jay by my side, my only friend and the person who I love the most. Even though, he used to spend so much time hanging with other girls.

His good looking face, worked perfectly for him. I just never had the courage to tell him how I felt about him, well he never asked me too.

Despite it all, I was the only girl who would get his full attention the second I say his name. And I was so giddy wanting all of his attention all the time.

I can't stop thinking about him. That crazy idiot is driving me crazy.

I can't stay still more than that. I want out of this chair. I need to burn energy before I explode.

I tried to free myself from the securely tied robes around my wrists, I wasn't planning to stop moving until I free myself.

I didn't want to stop, but I wasn't getting anywhere with it.

They made sure to tie me well enough so I won't escape, like all the other times.

I started kicking with my legs, desperate to get out of this chair. I was surprised they weren't tied...

"Get me out of here now" I shouted furiously.

After my impressing and creative escapes attempts, they learnt not to underestimate my escaping abilities.

No one answered me...

But I kept shouting, and trying to figure out how am I going to use my legs while they're free to escape from this chair for now.

I was sure that there were guards with me in the room. Maybe I can't see, but sure as hell I can hear their breath.

I hate it when I know that someone is actually listening to me and ignoring me on purpose.

"I want to see your boss, call for him" I demanded.

"That coward, he doesn't want me to see his face ? too afraid ?"

"If he's a real man, he would come and face me here and now".

I could feel someone moving and a door opened and slammed shut again.

Few moments later, footsteps were heard and the door was opened again. I could tell that more than one person entered the room. it was hard for me to count them since their steps were stepping in sync, but one of them wasn't.

A new person entered the room, his steps were lighter than the rest and with each step he took, his heels clicked on the floor. A business man?

And then silence fell in the room .... No one moved or talked.

I felt a hand touch my thigh, I shivered at the touch not feeling comfortable.

"Someone told me you asked to see me sweetheart ..." he stated

" I heard you weren't on your best behavior today. What happened ?" the person asked in a fake gentle voice.

I didn't answer him, and jerked my leg away from his touch and kicked him.

I'm not sure where did I hit him, but I heard him groan in pain.

"Who are you and what do you want form me ?" I asked.

The person chuckled and along with his laugh I felt something hit my cheek so hard, that made me taste blood in my mouth.

"Listen here Lora, I'm the one asking the questions over here and not the whole way around".

His voice felt so familiar, yet I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Don't you remember me ?" He asked.

I wasn't sure how to answer this question, I'm sure that I know him. Yet I couldn't recognize him.

I was debating whether to tell him that I can't see or not.

Then he cupped my face with his hands, "What are you looking at sweetheart ?", he made it clear for me that I'm not acting right. I'm not looking in the right direction.

I guess I need to master my blind state, I'm not good enough to confront anyone right now.

But yet, I asked to see the boss, didn't I ? I have to take advantage of that he actually came.

"I'm right here" He whispered in my ear, he was so close to me that I could feel his tie tickling my thigh. So we have a suit guy over here .... Didn't expect that to be honest.

Who the hell is he ?

The wheels in my head were spinning so fast, I needed to remember him.

The thing with is that I'm not good with remembering faces, I am sure that if he was an important person for me, I would've remembered him.

Who can it be ? I didn't know much people anyway...

A shiver ran through my body when his breath tickled my neck. I didn't like it when people don't give me the space that I require.

I tilted my head to the side in way that I was facing him.

His breath fanned over my face, it smelt of cigarattes. And I hate it.

It reminded me of Jay's bad habit, whenever he wanted to smoke he would just pull a ciggarate out and start smoking not caring about anything.

I remember when he once insisted on coming shopping with me at the mall. When I was looking for clothes to try on, and the smart idiot took a ciggarate out and started smoking.

5 minutes later, both of us were kicked out of the mall by the security. Just because my idiot wanted to smoke. I will never understand the need of it.

Without thinking twice, I took advantage of the situation, while the misterious person was so close to me.

I didn't say a single word, I just smirked at him and spit in his face.

At this moment I wished I could've seen the look that's on his face. I wanted to see the emotions in his eyes.

It was my first time spitting on someone's face.

And it felt so much fun. You could step on a person's pride without saying a word, it's just so simple and unexpected.

It didn't take so much time, to know how the person felt about it.

I just ended up having another slap to the other cheek, my head swung to the side, and my hair covered my face.

mission accomplished, I thought to myself.

If I wasn't going to get my freedom back any time soon, I might as well cause some trouble.

The pain felt so good at this moment, and it just made me laugh.

It was nothing comparing to the pain I feel in my heart. Even if he would beat me now to death, I bet it wouldn't hurt that much.

The taste of metal in my mouth indicated that my mouth was bleeding.

I could hear movement in the room. Nice, they're considering that I might try to hurt their boss while I'm tied to this chair. I'm impressed.

I lifted my head slowly, wearing my poker face acting like nothing has happened. As if I was feeling no pain.

I looked at where he was standing, I could locate him according to his heavy breath, and jsut smiled widely showing him my teeth.

"Do I have blood on my teeth ?" I asked while I was chuckling.

" You're insane" He just stated, horror is clear in his voice. oh, you know nothing ...

"Just answer my damn question" I growled at him.

"yes you do" He hurridly answered.

"Now that's cool, I only see these kind of things in movies".

"And you know what ? I like it".

"I don't understand " he responded, as if he was expecting a different kind of reaction from me.

"you don't understand because you've never felt pain before" I explained to him, feeling the pain in chest grow more and more with each breath that I take.

"you don't know that" his voice was softening, as I just reminded of the pain he's trying to avoid or maybe forgot and I was bringing a memory back.

"You're right I don't know that" I admitted truthfully. "But I know for sure that you're a coward, and that's why I'm tied to a stupid chair" I growled at him.

Then I whispered "Because you're afraid to be kicked in the ass".

"You're tied to a stupid chair, because your father has asked for that" he spitted his words at me.

" What ? What has my father to do with this ?"

"I'm not afraid of you Lora" He said and started walking towards the door.

"Wait!!" I shouted at him.

The rapid steps he was taking actually stopped.

"My father wouldn't have kidnapped me like that ... He would never do that" I hardly said the last part, as I was feeling that my voice is fading away.

"Unless he wants to punish you for running away with that boy" he stated calmly, as if it's no big deal.

If I had my sight now, it would have blurred. What the hell did he just say ?

My father ? torture me like this ?

The worst punishment and only punishment I had in my life is being locked in my own bedroom, where I have my stuff, and I could let Jay in through the window sometimes.

" I want out of this chair now !!"

"Do you order anything else princess ?" he said sarcastically.

I could hear the smirk in his voice, who does he think to himself messing with my feelings this way ?

He chuckled when he saw that I was going out of my mind and before slammed the door behind him, I heard him say 'take care of her, we're leaving ...' and I couldn't hear his voice anymore.

I refused to believe what I've been told seconds ago, I didn't even recognize that guy.

What if he was lying and just wanted to mess with me ?

I was too occupied with my own thoughts to pay attention that someone was freeing my hands from the ropes that have been holding my hands to this wooden chair for days.

It felt as if my hands could 'breathe' openly now.

I was held firmly to the chair, by several hands that were trying to hold me in place while I resisted.

I could hear people moving all around me that it actually made me feel dizzy.

I could feel one of the hands loosen its grip around my right hand, as if the person holding it was distracted my something else.

I took the opportunity to yank my hand form the person's grip and swing at the other person who was holding my left hand.

feeling that less hands were holding on me, I tried to jumped out of the chair but realized that my left hand has been tied to the arm of the chair, so I held on the chair and rolled myself to the left taking the chair with me.

On the way, I hit the person who was to my right and he groaned in pain. I got up from the ground while holding the chair in my left arm ready to swing with it.

Since I was blind,I couldn't attack. So I just waited there for someone to attack me.

I heard foot steps of people trying to approach me from the back. I took a deep breath and spun around to face whoever it was, acting like I could see them.

I will not let anyone know that I'm blind. It will make me look weak and vulnerable.

and i am not like that at all.

I took small steps towards the approaching figures, that I couldn't see unfortunately. I swung the chair at the first one, hitting him and his body fell to the floor, but I don't know why I felt like his groan was fake somehow.

I didn't think about it too much and went for the second figure, swinging the chair at him hitting his hand, I heard something drop from it and I thought that he might be croched down to pick it up. So I didn't waste a second and swung the chair at him, this time hearing a loud thud indicating that his body collapsed to the floor.

I rushed and started feeling the floor, searching for whatever that fell from him. When hand has touched a cold metal I knew it was a knife.

I held it in my hand and freed myself from the chair.

And that's when I felt triumph, finally I can fight to get my freedom back.

Finally, I realized that I actually have something to fight for. I need to fight for myself, for my freedom.

I was about to get up from the floor, when a heavy hand held me firmly from my throat pushing my back against someone's hard chest and a needle was inserted into my neck vein causing me to gasp for air.

But I couldn't breathe, I started feeling dizzy even though I wasn't moving and the person that was holding me wasn't moving as well.

This time I knew that it's not going to be easy to escape ... I can't escape this.
I thought to myself as I was drifting in and out of conssionsness .

I was slightly feeling my body being tossed from one person to another. 
I tried to give it a try to escape even though I knew I had no chance but I refuse to give up.

With everything in me, I swung my arm around the person's neck and tried to tackle him to the floor.
But he reacted to my movements as if he can predict my actions, my foot got stuck between his feet and I nearly tripped and fell on my face.
But he caught me before I hit the ground. 

Right then I opened my eyes and for the first time in days I saw, a blurry vision.

Yet I saw, I still have hope to see again. And my eyes met his eyes, the intense eyes of the person who broke my heart twice. Still he came for me again.

I felt safe again, I felt that hope still existed in this world. 
"Home" is all I managed to say, Home is all I needed now.
And I felt like I was at home in Jay's arms.


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