My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


4. Kidnapped


I managed to collect all of my essential things in a small bag, and looked at my room that's full of my drawing. I can't take all of them for sure, there's no way I can pack this amount of paper in a bag, I'm short with time now.

I packed the ones that mean for me the most and I needed to get rid of the rest, so I took as much as I can to the bathroom and burnt them in the sink. Remembering Jay's words "whenever you feel that you're danger, get rid of your drawings and run away with your life" his eyes were glittery and they held emotions I've never seen and couldn't understand. I kept thinking about that look in his eyes, and ended up drawing a big portrait of it.

Back then I got lost in the moment and promised him.

And I do stick to my promises, no matter how simple they are I can't break a promise. It's my habit since I was 5 years old.

More than 40 minutes have passed, I had been running around burning papers and packed my big portraits in a special suite case.  If I've put all my drawing in order according to a time line they would form our Journey from home to New York and the things that happened between us, my emotions, his grumpy faces ... I drew everything.

I would draw my whole life with Jay as long as he lets me be around him, I would never complain about it. Even though he doesn't make my life easy, but my emotions change when he's around me. I just draw better portraits when he sits and stares at me while I draw. He's a creepy idiot ... my creepy idiot. 

As foolish smile was drawn on my face as I was thinking about him.

I looked at the clock realizing that so much time has passed, nearly one hour has passed since he messaged me. 

What if something happened to him ? I was stressing myself now, and it's the last thing we need right.

But then I would feel that something has happened to him, right ?

I always feel a sting in my heart when he gets sick of hurt.

While convincing myself that everything is fine and that Jay may be stuck in traffic or maybe his car broke, I boiled a small amount of water and prepared a cup of tea. Maybe this will help me chill a little bit.

I took Jay's cup and decided to drink from it today, this cup that I've been pouring coffee in everyday to ease his grumpy mornings.

I sat on the counter sipping on my tea trying not to overthink about Jay so that I won't attract to him negative energies. 

He already has enough I thought to myself sarcastically. 

While looking out of the window I noticed that the neighborhood seemed to be more quiet than usual. As if the walking dead are about appear and start an appocalipse . For a mere second I believed my thoughts, then I shook my head pushing them aside.

Believe me having a really wide imagination would just make you life more complicate than it is already.

At this time of the day people usually roam the streets of New York, it's not logical that during the past 15 minutes I didn't see even a cat pass by. 

I took out my phone and dialed Jay's number, I had this feeling deep inside that told me  something is about to happen and I don't want to face it alone. 

The phone started dialing, it rang for couple of times I just stared at it and waited pasiontly.

At that moment, a loud bang that made me jump in my place.I could hear the front door of the apartment being torn apart and fell to the floor causing so much noise.

I left my phone on the counter still dialing near the cup of tea, and stood on the ground as quiet as I can.I was horrified but my mind was so clear, as if I blocked my imagination and put it aside.

 I started looking around trying to spot a weapon that can help me defend myself. I noticed the knives stand that's sitting on the counter to my right. It contains all my favorite knives that I use when I cook.

I've always liked to play with knives. Jay liked watching me cook, not only because he like the food I prepare, but because he enjoys the knives show that happens whenever I step into the kitchen and start cooking. It's my favorite thing to do when I stress out, and now I'm so stressed out of my mind. 

Who are these people? and what do they want from me ? I don't remember that I have enemies, I don't remember having any friends neither to be honest...

I took one of the knives and held firmly in my hand ready to aim. 

A person dressed in all black suddenly passed fast from in front of the kitchen, looking as a shade but he didn't notice me and continued walking down the corridor.

I guess he was heading towards the smell of the burned paper. He's way too late to find anything there right now.

Another black figure passed from in front of the kitchen, but this time my presence didn't go unnoticed.

Before he could think about doing any moves on me, the knife I was holding in my hand flew his way swiftly and hit his thigh making him fall to the floor groaning in pain. 

I could've aimed for his heart or head and ended his life in second,but I will never do that. I'm just defending myself, I'm an artist and artists believe in peace and love. I would never take a person's life, unless he's trying to take mine.

Three black figures appeared in front of me and walked into the kitchen carefully, at this point I knew that the self defense classes I've taken along with Kong- Fu will come to use.

This was a hell of a challenge to me, but I was ready to take it. Me against the three black shades... I ran towards them with all my might screaming at the top of my lungs feeling the rush on adrenaline in my veins, their eyes seemed to widen at my sudden act. And since I couldn't see anything from their faces but their eyes because of the black masks that they're wearing on their faces, their eyes were the only thing that can be read.

Eventually, the three of them ended up lying on the floor, and deep inside of me I knew that I've used so much energy to fight them. At the end they're strong builded men and I'm nothing more than a petite girl in front of them.

 The sudden silence that fell in the apartment ignoring their groans made me feel anxious, as if there's more to it. I could feel a knot in my stomach telling me that something bad is about to happen.

So I ran to my phone quickly and I could hear Jay hardly breathing cursing and trying to talk to me, he didn't hang up the phone when I didn't respond to him.

"Jayden?" I said panting while I was supporting myself on the counter, "I just wanted ... wanted to say thank you" at this point I appreciated  everything he's done for me until now to prevent this from happening. I didn't know the reason and I was busy being  angry with him all this time, but he did look out for me pretty well.

I could hear him panting too as if he's being doing an intense workout "Lora .. Uhm- I..." was all I managed to hear,  then I was pulled backwards into someone's hard chest and a cloth was placed on my mouth, my phone fell into the cup of tea and hung up on Jay.

Aknowldging the situation and understanding that I'm being drugged to sleep made me realize that I'm being kidnapped and I felt as if someone is trying to take me from Jay at this moment.

That made me freak out of my mind, I can't live a day away from Jayden. There's never been such a day. 

What is it about me that they want? I'm not popular or even intresting in the first place.

I held my breath in and pretended to relax into the person's arms, making him believe that I was asleep.

When he turned me around in order  to hold me bridal style... Wait, what the hell ?

Since when kidnappers hold people in a bridal style, is he new to this?!

At that moment when he was trying to balance himself and about to hold me up I opened my eyes and gave him the strongest punch that I could in the middle of his face.

He let go of me and closed his eyes holding his nose. And I didn't think about how am I supposed to balance myself when this happens, when I was falling I tried to hold onto his silly mask but it just slipped off of his face and my body hit the floor short afterwards.

Few seconds later, I opened my eyes and everything looked blurry to me, all I could see is two black figures, one of them was bleeding from his nose and the other one was screaming at him.

"Are you fucking dumb? How did she end up on the floor ?, You know very well that if something happens to her, we won't stay alive for long".

The one with the bleeding nose looked at me, his eyes were watery. That made feel proud of myself, I could see his face. I looked at him for as much as I can, but my blurry vision didn't help the situation at all.

"She's just a girl, like come on can't you handle a little cute girl like her ?"

He said that while pointing at me and then he came closer placing the white cloth on my face again.

This time I surrendered and took a deep breath in so that I won't be able to feel the throbbing pain that started to increase in the back of my head. I just sent myself into a deep sleep dreaming about Jay. 




I was chasing after one of the suspected criminals who may have an interest in collaborating with Christian. He's the person who's responsible for all of this mess that I've mad in Lora's life and he also made a hell out of my life.

Christian is the son of one of the biggest gangsters, his father is a dealer. It's known that he's the head of the down world. But there's no proof of it, he always ends up clean and there's no evidence that can accuse him. He owns several marketing companies in town and out of town as well. 

I must say that He's really professional. I've following him for few years now and still I don't have a single proof on him. He always make other people do the dirty work for him.

He's always been my dream target. But I've never got the chance to be given such a big mission.

His son, Christian doesn't seem to be interested in his father's business. Even though, when we were at school he used to sell drugs for most of the people there and that I remember was my first mission. It was a great success for me and made me earn the job.

I discovered that after he was released from jail his father flew him out of town, and last year he decided to come back, and I heard he started running his own business. He has studied art and opened few I must say impressive galleries in town. 

And he did a big mistake, trying to take revenge on me. 

When Lora's dad learned about his high class newly opened galleries he immediately flew to New York with Lora and of course I came along. I can remember that Lora wasn't excited at all about it. I know that art means for her more than just looking at a beautiful art piece and enjoying its beauty. For her it's a way of expressing, a way to know the artist's feelings and emotions. It's respect and understanding the other side.

She's such a special person who cannot be described with words. I could talk about her for years and it will never be enough to make you know her. She came from a world that's full of peace and feelings, for me she's a soothing river that can always make calm down and feel at home.

Lora's dad is a very successful lower who's involved in the big business world and seems to know so many rich people, and from what I've recently found out he has sort of a business deal with Chris's father. Damon. 

I hate him and I hate saying his name.

Last year at the 18th birthday party of Lora I over heard a conversation, between her dad and Chris. He was talking about making a deal that involves Lora and her being married to Chris, I couldn't hear all the details they've been diving through. I knew one thing, Lora is mine and no one is going to take advantage of her. And that's when I decided to take her away.

after two hours of chasing I got a massege from Harry.

"Bro, you're chasing the wrong guy" As I read this message my heart started racing. It can't be, all that it needs is a wrong step and Lora will be taken from me in a heartbeat.

And if she's gone, I will loose my job and I'll spend my whole life trying to find her because I don't have a life without her. I won't forgive myself if something happens to her.

I pulled my car aside and saw that I have another text from Harry.

"The art teacher is the guy that we're looking for, I will get him. I'm taking Lora to the apartment come and get her as fast as you can".

I was pretty much at the other side of town right now, it will take me some time to get there. Without wasting a second, I started driving as fast as I can towards Lora's apartment.

When I was 30 minutes far from the apartment the roads were blocked because of traffic, so I texted Lora to start packing her things. I knew that the traffic is not a considence even though New York's streets were always packed with cars but not like this. I couldn't find any street that leads to Lora's apartment without getting stuck in a traffic. So I took my gun putting it in the back of my pants and stepped out of the car.

I did some warm ups and started running to Lora's apartment with all my might. It's my race for Lora's freedom and art spirit. This is all for her, I will gladly spend my whole life protecting her even if it means to keep teasing her and act all grumpy around her. I won't let any thing happen to her.

I was nearly there when she called me, I picked up the phone but instead of being greeted with her sweet and lovely voice all I heard is things being smashed now and then and ninja screams. I wanted to laugh at the voices she was making but I knew that she was serious about it.

If I was running fast until now, then realizing that Lora is in danger facing god knows who, fighting for her life alone made me push myself even more and sprint until I thought my legs were coming out of their place. I didn't stop at all and  I didn't hang up the phone I kept on listening cursing Chris the whole time maybe I'll get the opportunity to hear something that may help later, or I may be lucky to hear her voice again.

I was foaming with anger and anticipation to get there already and help her out. I want to take her and hide her from the world again. 

I want her to be safe, I want to watch her while she's drawing, I want to see that look in her eyes that means she's seeing something that I can't see. Her inner world is my paradise and I want to go there. My only way to get in is through her portraits.

I kept thinking about her smile that I might never see if I'll be too late to get there.

Suddenly I heard her voice "Jayden?" I could tell that she was stressed out of her mind right now not understanding what's happening and why. She continued " I just wanted ... wanted to say thank you". 

When I heard her say that I felt my heart race against my rib cage, not because I was running but because I wanted to tell her how much I love her now before it's too late, I wanted her to know that she's always been more than a friend to me, I couldn't tell her before because I didn't know how to do that it always came out as anger and jealousy at some situations.

But now I couldn't form a sentence, my breath was itchy and quick a thing that didn't help the situation at all. 

I managed to say " Lora .. uhm- I" then  took a breath in and stopped running just for a second to tell her that I love her. Then all I heard was a little squeak and the line went dead.

Shit, shit, shit !!! I can't let that happen.

I'm nearly there I encouraged myself. Maybe just 5 minutes away from the neighborhood she lives in. 

When I got to the neighborhood she lives in, it was dead silent ... More than usual.

I got into the building she lives in and sprinted up the stairs.

The apartment was hell of a mess, I've had nightmares about this before but now this is happening in reality I'm not going to wake up to find myself sprawled here on the sofa while Lora is making coffee for us.

I took my gun out pointing it in front of me, just in case there's some left behind to make sure I won't get out of here alive.

Examining the apartment for any evidence that can help m , I saw that Lora didn't forget the promise she's made to me. I knew she wouldn't forget, who am I kidding... That's why I made her promise me.

She was so furious at me this whole freaking time, I couldn't tell her anything about her dad. If she knows, I'm sure she'll be emotionally broken and I can't see her like that. I did confuse the fuck out of her life, but I did it just for her, to protect her, to keep her smile on her face. 

She's my strength, if she falls down I'll fall down with her too. She's my weakness and strength the same time.

But in the back of my mind I kept telling myself that I can't protect her from the truth forever ....

Even though she was so angry at me, she still cared and trusted in me deep inside of her. She couldn't hide her feelings towards me, and I can't keep hiding my feelings from her too.

They didn't leave anything behind them, the floor was smudged with dry blood nearly everywhere. But her bedroom was clean, and her bags were still there.

That little monster, she can do anything ... She would kill just to make sure that no one touches her things and walk into her private space. It just wormed my heart a little bit remembering how obsessed she is when it comes to the drawings that she keeps in her bedroom.

When I walked inside the kitchen I realized that she did all the fighting from there. When I stood at the entrance of the kitchen and saw the knives on the floor right under my feet, I could literally see her standing inside of the kitchen and throwing them swiftly at my direction.

She's a real artist. I could trust her to throw a knife at me and I will be sure that it will never hit me. A proud smile twitched on my face seeing that she's done well and didn't just surrender.

I took another step forward into the kitchen and felt something beneath my foot, when I looked on the floor I found a black mask laying on the floor with blood on it.

Perfect, I thought and got a plastic bag from one of the drawers and put it in it.

It won't be easy to locate Lora now, every second that passes makes the distance between us grow more and more. I could already feel a gap growing in my heart.

I sent a message to  Harry to come over and pick me up.

The apartment felt really cold without her around, my heart tightened in my chest thinking about all of the moments we've had in this tiny apartment.

When Harry arrived, I got inside of the car with Lora's things in my hands.

Harry looked at me questioning "Where's Lora?" He was freaking out, he knew the answer but he didn't want to hear it, he didn't want it to be real.

His friendship with her, lifted him up and brought him happiness. Whoever got around Lora would like her. Her personality is amazingly comfortable, she can get along with anyone if she wanted to. But she didn't open up easily to other people, she likes to stay in her own world. 

Even me, being the closest person to her in the world. Sometimes she blocks me out and prefer to stay alone by herself.

As I said before, she's an artist. She needs her own space. 

And I've always respected that.

" I was too late .. " I said with a straight face. "They made sure to block every street that leads to this damned apartment, so I had to run all the way here" I told him truthfully feeling my eyes water up but I fought the tears and never let them fall on my face.

He cursed under his breath. Then he looked at me ... " You know what that means bro ?"

and at that moment I knew exactly what he's means ...

"Yeah, let's fuck all the rules and get her back" When I said that, he hit the gas pedal and the car took off.


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