My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


2. Do you have a problem ?

I stayed in my position sprawled all over the floor  for few more minutes, to let the shock from the dream and the pain from the fall, settle in.

Just when I started feeling my cheek getting numb from the coldness of the floor, I decided to sit up still on the floor leaning my head on the edge of the bed.

I took a deep breath in and opened my eyes slowly. 

Welcoming the light of the sun that's creeping into my room from the half opened curtain and gently warming up the skin of my face making me smile.

Reminding me of the times back home when Jayden used to wake me up everyday by using a small mirror to reflect the sun light through my window. 

I've always used to keep my curtain half closed on purpose, to let him wake me up in the morning so that he would be the very first person I see when I wake up. And I didn't care about the early hour he wakes me up at, nothing mattered to me more than him. My idiot.

He used to motion for me to open the window, so that he can hand me my favorite chocolate cupcake.

My parents didn't bring any candy home, they didn't want me to consume a big amount of sugar, so they kept healthy by giving me a different kind of fruit for desert. But the thing that made my day look brighter and brought happiness and joy to my heart is my daily chocolate cupcake. 

Jay used to tell me that his mom keeps on buying these cupcakes, despite that he doesn't like them, he actually doesn't like chocolate at all. But when we got older, I came across him several times at the super market buying them.

He cares so much and so observant about the things that I like, since I can remember ... Everything he's ever done until last year was just to make me happy. 

Sometimes I feel that I'm the blind one, not seeing how much he likes me, just the same as he can't see how much I love him and want to be more than friends with him. But then he comes over with a silly girlfriend and pisses me off.

I literally left my whole life behind, took his hand and ran away from home. Just so that I can take him away from that girlfriend of his.

Jealous much ha? 

I've never knew how much jealous I can get until I saw him with another girl.

 Out of the blue the next morning at 4 a.m. I found  him in my room begging me to come with him,and his face showed fear and concern. I tried to question him about it, But his only answer was silence while his eyes told me that the issue is deep.

The only thing that I wanted him to do at that time is to leave his so called girlfriend, who was with him the night before at my 18th birthday party. For me that was the worst day in my whole life, and I just wanted to leave everything and I wanted for him to do the same. So I agreed to his offer.

It's been nearly a year, but I can't keep pushing on him to tell me why we ran away. He's having a hard time taking it in, I think. He will spill his guts to me at some point. I'm sure. He can't hold it in forever.

Long story short, we ended up living in New York. Jayden managed to find a small apartment that has a good view of the city. It's not like the view that you'd  see at the beginning of a  movie. You know, all the amazing high buildings shining from the reflection of the sun, and the whole city waking up and traffic everywhere, busy people rushing....

It's not like that where I live, it's a more peaceful area. 

From my bedroom window, I can see the sun when it rises but few hours later, my day turns into night and my apartment gets into a dim mode which is perfect for me when I draw.

I got up to my feet, walking on my  floor that's carpeted with my own drawings that I don't like anymore. Ever since we got to this apartment my drawings flew everywhere in here and just carpeted the floor of the whole apartment. 

I went up to my window, opening it. Letting the cold breeze of the morning come into the room bringing the new positive energies of the morning inside. And the light wind started  messing up the drawings that are resting on the floor, changing their order.

Feeling a little bit better and all woken up by now, I check my phone to find 2 missed calls from Jay of course, and few messages from him as well and we're talking about 7 a.m. in the morning!

I replied to his messages not wanting to talk now and headed to the bathroom to shower and get ready.

I tried to get out of the shower as fast as possible, putting on a plain white t-shirt along with a black pair of shorts. Putting some lip gloss not wanting to put any make up on, cause I have a Kong-fu class in the afternoon. And I will end up looking like a clown, who just walked out from a horror movie, afterwards if I put make up on.

Jay may be here any minute now and he's really moody in the morning, like literally no one can talk to him properly or even be around him in the morning. I wonder how he goes to work, poor are the people who have to deal with his rude attitude every morning.

 Not that I can, but I do tolerate his arrogant comments. And I like to piss him off sometimes. But just to be honest he's so funny when he gets mad about dumb things, he's a silly idiot that I'm in love with every single thing about him. 

I rushed out to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for Jay and tea for myself, because guess what ? Jay likes the coffee that I prepare and can't drink any other. Finally, I could find a thing that he likes about me other than my drawings.

While I was boiling the water, I noticed that the whole street in front of the building is blocked, so many cars parking in the middle of the street  and it seemed like the traffic is not moving at all, none of the cars moved even an inch which was really irrelevant for this specific street.

I've been living a year in this place and this road has never had a traffic like that before. 

Since the street was blocked I figured out that Jay will be late, so I took my time preparing our drinks. 

Fifteen minutes later, I was walking out  the door comfortably and so confident that Jay won't be downstairs, that's when I realized that my phone is not on me. So I rushed into my bed room searching for it, it was on my bed flashing lights. Indicating that someone is calling. 

I didn't have the chance to answer before Jay hang up. I wouldn't like to hear him screaming at me through the phone, it will hurt my ear and make go sick for days. So I didn't call him back, and rushed out of the door.

 He must be so furious right now.

I rush out of the building to find that Jayden's car is parked in the middle of the road, causing the damn traffic that I noticed as unusual earlier. And he's leaning on his vihcle ignoring all the fuss that he's caused. As if he owns the world his car blocked the street.

He looked so ridiculous with the frown all over his face. I rolled my eyes at him, not wanting to hear any of his bullshit on the morning. I woke up with positive energies, I won't let ruin my day.

"Hey, don't roll your eyes at me. Who do you think you are walking down like a princess more than half hour late?!" he screamed at me, his face getting red from the blood that's boiling in his veins. I bet he feels like he wants to punch me but he can't and that's why his hands are trembling with temper.

I took a look at the the other cars drivers with an apologetic look. not that it would help with anything now, but I'm just trying somehow to apologize for Jay's silliness. 

I could tell that he already took his anger out on them, their frowning faces showed it. I'm pretty sure he did something to keep them sitting in their cars, instead of being all over him trying to kill him for blocking the road like this for no reason.

I handed him the cup of coffee "Here take your coffee and chill already", I told him and opened the car's door and sat inside the car sipping on my tea ignoring his deadly stare at me.

I didn't break eye contact and stared back at him with a wary smile on my face.

Few seconds later he got in the car, and started driving maniac through the streets.

For some reason, he insists to take me everyday to college whenever I have classes. Even though I drive him insane, cause my morning mood doesn't match his. And I'm hell stubborn that I don't let him ruin my mood. And I think that's the reason he can't stand me in the morning. 

He would always arrive exactly on time, but as much as I try not to be late on him... I always end up being late, making him wait for me and late for his "work" as he claims.

"So? What's with the very short shorts you're wearing today ?" that's his good morning greeting. He always has to comment on my outfit, and it never was a positive comment.

"Do you like it?" I reply sheepishly smiling at him.

He exhaled with force making me flinch. I swear for a second I thought his nose will fall off of his place, and the thought alone made me laugh so hard.

I stopped laughing when he glared at me, making me go back to sip on tea peacefully.

"Don't you want your cupcake ?It's in my bag, I forgot to give to you. You can take it El" he said like he didn't care.

I reached for his bag that was on the back seat and managed to take out my lovely cupcake. "Are you crazy? of course I want it."

I started un-packaging the cupcake while talking to it, "My precious cupcake, you're so beautiful and tasty. I love you so much. You're the best cupcake in the world and you're about to make my day". I get so excited each time I eat a cupcake, not just any cupcake. It's the cupcake that Jay brought specially for me. It made my heart warm up.

"Hey, are you going to eat it or what?" he exaggerated at me .

"What's with your blue hair anyway? Why didn't you tell me before about it?" he said in a cold tone, as if it doesn't bother him and he's just asking.

But I knew how much he cared, and I liked to tease him about it.

"Do you have a problem with it ?" I shoot him a challenging look.

"Well ..." he said while scratching his neck from nervousness.

"I said do you have a problem, Sir?" I said raising my voice a little bit, stressing him out.

His grip on the steering wheel tightened and he raised his right eyebrow along with the car's speed. That idiot, I can easily make him angry. 

"You know what ? Yes, I do. I like your natural hair color better ... And this -color- just- I don't- I  don't like it" He stuttered under my intense gaze.

"And why should I care if you like this color or not, Jay ?" I cornered him.

"Damn it" He slammed his hand on the steering wheel, making me jump in my place. "It attracts more attention to you ... attention that you don't need can't you see that? of course not because you're nave babe" he spit out furiously.

"Oh yeah ?" I asked him.

"yeah" he answered with a low husky voice, making me believe that he meant it. He doesn't want me to get attention from anyone but him.

"But just to let you know, this is my hair and I can do with it whatever I please. You can't keep bossing me around, controlling my life however you want. This is my body and I can do with it whatever I want" I stated, making him hit the gas pedal and go even faster. 

"Fine !!" he growled at me, making me freeze in my place, not wanting to move or look at him anymore.

The car fell in deep heavy silence. It's the awkward silence that makes you want to walk away, but you actually can't because you're trapped in a speeding car with the other person. So both of you hold your breath in and try to avoid each other.

The car sped down the road, and my heart was pounding damn fast that I thought it's going to pop out of its place from the speed, but I didn't say a word about it, and I tried to act normally. I couldn't see anything through the window, everything I saw were colors passing by. But I actually liked it. 

After a while my heart softened a bit. Silly me. And I wanted to start a conversation with him, I just wanted to know what he's going through lately.

"What were you up to this week anyway? You didn't come ever even for once" I say in a serious tone looking at him, while he's focused on the road.

His jaw has tensed, he looked in deep thought and worry was written all over his features. But he didn't say a word. He kept quiet drinking from his coffee that made him relax and maybe soften a bit.

I didn't want to push too much on him right now. But the thing that keeps bothering me is that whenever I ask him about himself, what was he doing and what he's up to, and things like that. He frowns at me and never gives me an answer.

The only answer that I get to my questions is silence. Silence is playing a big role between me and Jay lately. 

I want my best friend back, even though I want him to be more than a friend to me. But from the inside I do feel lonely without him. I want my old Jay back.

I don't know anyone here in New York except from Jayden and my neighbor who happens to be also my only best friend- Harry.

In few minutes, the car parked in front of the college building, cutting my train of thoughts that were making me go insane missing my closest friend who's sitting right beside me!

I took a deep breath in, held my bag and wanted  to get out of the car. That's when I felt a warm hand holding mine, pulling me back into the car seat.

I looked at Jay, who is now looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Lora, I know that I've put you through so much the past year tearing you apart from your house family and friends. But believe me, there's a reason behind it all that I can't tell you right now" his eyes grey eyes were so intense and held so much emotion in them, it was something I've never seen before.

My eyes widened when I heard his words. I looked straight into his eyes observing them. I wish he knew how much I wanted to hug him right now..contain him, I want to understand what he's going trough and just be there for him.

Just by looking in his eyes, I forgot all about myself, my pain, my family ... everything disappeared, he's the only person that matters right now and I want to be there for him. But he always pushes me aside for some reason, the only feeling that I'm familiar with after these emotional moments is rejection.

"Just give me more time, and you'll know everything soon" He promised, while looking away from me not wanting to expose his emotional side to me.

Why does he do this to me ?! it breaks my heart seeing him suffer like that and he doesn't even share with me what he's going through.

How can I step out of the car and leave him alone ? 

as if I could go away.

"You know that I don't have anywhere else to go, I'll be always waiting patiently for you tell me", I'll always be waiting for you to notice how my heart beats only for you, I'll be always waiting for you to notice how my smile goes bigger when I see you, I'll be always waiting for you to notice that the only guy in my drawings is you and only you Jay. These are the words that I want to tell him, but I can't. I'm afraid of his rejection, he can reject me so easily and then I will loose his friendship forever.

I felt my eyes beginning to water at these thoughts. And knowing that he hate to see me crying, I held back my tears.

"You need to go now. Your class starts in few minutes" He simply stated emotionless. There he goes back to the bossing me around, that bastard. this is the only thing that I hate about him.

"Fine" I stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind be forcefully, just because  I know he hate it. And as I expected he sped off, the sound of the ignition roaring loudly.

I didn't even flinch and stood there until he disappeared, and could not see his black car anymore.

When I turned around ready to walk in, I saw someone leaning on the fence. Harry.

I smile at him, and gave him a small wave. And started walking towards him.

After all the drama I had in the car with Jay, I need some quality time with my friend.

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