My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


8. Crazy in love


"you're coming with me" I told her, holding her wrist in my hand.

She tried to free her hand from my grip, but this is just not gonna happen. I've spend four years looking for her and I didn't find her, and now that she's standing in front of me ... there're no chance in the world I would let her go. Not this time.

"I can't go with you harry" She said breathless from battling with me on getting her hand back.

"let me clear things up for you, I'm not asking you to come with me. It's an order." I stated while I tightened my grip on her wrist, still careful not to hurt her.

Her body stiffened in response to my harsh words, yet she didn't say anything.

"Now will you start walking with me ?" then I got closer to her whispering in her ear seductively "Or should I just kidnap you ?".

I took a step back giving her some space, now she was glaring at me with her big blue eyes. That I could see through them clearly. I knew she wanted me to kidnap her.

Hold her on my shoulder and just be rough with her... not listen to her protests and just take her away from here.

She answer me, but her eyes did. It was enough confirmation for me. 

I winked at her and just held her over my shoulder, just like Jay has held Lora earlier.

I took her by surprise, so she squeeked and held onto my shirt while she was hanging upside down on my back.

 And headed for the door that I came in from. 

She tried to free herself from my grip several times until she gave up, and just stayed still.

"You like what you see, steph ?" I teased her, she didn't respond.

I slapped her ass, "you know that when a prince  asks a question you need to answer, right ?".

I imagined her rolling her eyes at me, "yes, your highness I like what I see" she retorted at me.

"Happy now ?" She asked not very fond of how I was treating her.

I hated to talk to her that way, but I need her to learn that she can't mess with a prince's feelings  and then get gone.

When we were outside of the club, I went into an alley between the building where I've parked my bike.  I seated her gently on it and put the helmet on her head.

I looked at her, and hated the fact that she was wearing a very short dress that exposed nearly all her legs and most of her body curves.

First of all, she's going to get cold riding a bike like that, the jacket that I gave her won't do enough.

Second of all, the whole city will be checking out her legs now.

I don't know how I'm going to do this. So I just stopped looking at her, and just hopped on the bike too trying not to think about it too much.

"you're not going to put a helmet on ?" She asked putting her hand on my shoulder.

My heart nearly jumped out of its place at her touch.

"No, I didn't bring another one with me" I said casually as I started the engine.

"Then you wear it I don't need it your highness" and that drove me out of my mind. Why would she think that my life is more important than her ? 

Before she had the chance to remove her helmet, I just started driving and sped down the street like a mad man.

Her hands immediately flew and wrapped around my torso.

 I smirked happy with the outcome of what I've done. That's all I wanted after all.

Me, her and the road.I didn't want this peaceful moment to end, but I can't keep driving around in town.

It's a matter of time until they discover she went missing... 

And I was glad that I'm the one who made her go missing. If it came to me, she'll be missing for the rest of her life. 

But then I realized that my heart still ached because of her, she's broken me to pieces ... four years have passed by and every night I went to sleep, with her being the last thingt on my mind. I would see her in my dreams every night.

Four years, waking up in the morning to an empty bed. Her spot of the bed is still the same, no one has entered the house actually after she's left.

I stayed there alone, I lived there recalling our memories together and waiting for her to come back.

I hired so many private investigators, detectives, even reported to the police but no one could bring my love back to me. Then I gave up and went back to C-land.

I was thinking so intensely about it, that I was surprised to find myself parking the bike in front of the house we used to live in.

We have dated for few months and then I just asked her to move in with me and she's agreed to it. So being the prince charming that I am, I bought us a house that will hold only our memories together. We spend two years together... Two years full of happiness and love.

No one knows about this house, just steph and I. We've never had friends over or any people in here, I didn't even have guards close to the house. I told them to stay out of the gate so that we could have our little home.

It was just home. Our home.

I stepped off of the bike, and before she could move I held her again on my shoulder.

"Harry, put me down now" She demanded sternly as she hit my back.

"Be careful there, if you hurt my back I wouldn't just lit it slip. You'll need to take care of me after that" and with that she stopped.

I stepped on the porch and opened the wooden door. The smell of the house was still the same, the smell of sweet vanilla. It was her smell... everything about her was just as sweet as vanilla.

I put her down on her feet and closed the door behind us. 

Finally, I thought to myself. I finally found her and had her only for myself.

She just stood with her head down, staring at the ground. 

I can understand her, this place means so much for both of us. And I know that she didn't expect I would bring her back here.

I didn't expect it myself as well. 

It's just the right place for both of us to be at. This is our house, there's no where for us to go and feel just the same as we feel here.

I stood in front of  her, and cupped her face in my hands. Forcing her to look at me.

Her eyes reflected guilt and hurt. And I could feel my heart break a little more at the sight of her emotions.

I want to fill her eyes with joy again. I want her lips to draw that beautiful smile that I like to see.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to her.

Our lips were barely touching, and felt her lips as cold as ice. I pulled away from here and realized that her whole body was trembling.

I knew that the ride won't do good for her. 

"you're cold" I just stated the obvious. She nodded her head at me and I could hear her teeth gritting.

I held her in my arms bridal style and went upstairs to our bedroom.

As we entered the room her trembling got worse. " I feel so cold" she whispered clinging to my shirt.

I held her tighter and walked into the bathroom, I seated her on the counter by the sink as I turned on the hot the water of the bathtub.

I took my shirt off, and walked towards her.

"I need to take off your clothes, I'll do it slowly so that you won't have to move a lot and feel more cold" she just nodded her head at me, while her lips started to tremble as well.

"try to stay close to my body, it will heat you up babe" I reassured her .

I started removing her clothes and she wrapped herself in my warm arms. My hand stroked her long brown hair soothing it's waves.

Her hair is naturally straight, I know she doesn't like to curl it. She told me once that she curls her hair just when she needs to be someone else, when she's around people and wants to pretend that she's someone else.

But around me she was always herself, she didn't need to pretend. And I liked that, she was so natural, so funny and sensitive.

She was valunerable around me... but still she made me feel like I own the world.

I was called a prince since I was born, but being with her makes me feel a king.

And she's my queen.

I noticed that the bathroom was getting more warm and steamy. So I held her in my arms and walked towards the bathtub, placing her gently in the steamy hot water.

"I've got you babe" I kissed her forehead and just sat there on the floor near the bathtub.

She didn't even look me in the eyes, all this time. 

A thing that made me go crazy, I feel her so unreachable as if she'd put a barrier between us. A barrier that I want to remove, but I just can't .... My feelings are confusing me.

One minute, I want to have her in my arms and just make love to hear like we used to do in the past... and then I just remember how she was gone, and how I had tried to find her.

I was worried about her to death. And not finding her ... was just heartbreaking and nerve wrecking.

Then just life lost its taste to me.

My nights were dark and my days just felt darker without her. She just brought life and joy to everything. 

She might have noticed the confusion wristling my thoughts.

"I'm sorry" she mumbled in hardly a whisper, but I still could  hear it.

She pulled a strand of hair that fell on her face behind her ear, and hugged herself ... covering her body from me.

It hurt more than anything. If she wasn't feeling comfortable around me, then why did she let me take her clothes off ?!

"I want to tell you everything, I really need you to know" and then she looked at me.

Her blue watery eyes meeting mine, I felt like she has so much to say and I wanted to know everything... every single detail...

I wanted to hug her and be her safe home, whatever it is that made her run away, without leaving a trail behind her, I'm willing to forgive her and take her back...

Because my life without her is colorless. Just as Lora used to say about her life without Jayden. The memory of her made me smile slightly, and a light of hope just warmed up my heart.

"shush" I put my fingers to Steph's lips. She was taken aback slightly by my behavior, but she didn't say anything.

"We'll talk later, for now just relax" She nodded her head at me, her eyes never breaking eye contact with mine.

I feel really grateful for finding her...

"I still have your favorite book, that I used to read to you from, when you get sick, may I read a chapter to you ?"

Suddenly a very beautiful shiny smile, broke its way on her face. "yes, please. I still remember the last time you read it for me and I want to know what happens next".

She pleaded at me like a small kid, who wants her dad to tell her a story before going to bed. And just that made me feel so happy.

Just a smile from her made me feel like I own the whole universe, not just the world.

I went back to our bedroom to take the book, and on my way I turned the computer on and started the scanner looking for Jayden's sign in order to know his location and I'll be able to receive a warning if he needed help.

As I was back to the bathroom, my phone started buzzing in my pocket. I looked at the screen wondering who would call me on my C-land number except from Jayden.

It was my mom calling. Shit. I forgot about her.

I face palmed myself.

If I pick up the phone, I will need to tell her everything about the plan and Steph .... She's not very fond of her after what had happened....

And on the other hand, Jay has warned me about telling her our plan. Because she'll just send whole C-land agents to help out. 

And there's no time for that now... I don't want to discuss anything, I just want to do this mission on my own.

So I decided to ignore it. She'll take the hint that I can't talk right now.

'I will call her later', I confirmed to myself in order not to feel bad about it.

I put my phone in one of the drawers of the desk and pocked my head into the bathroom.

"So are you up for another chapter babe?" I asked playfully.

"Yeah" She said in the most enthusiastic way she could. Her voice started to get more weak and I knew she's getting sleepy.

I suggested to get her in warm clothes and read the story for her while she was in bed, but she insisted to stay in the bathtub a little bit more.

And if she wished for that, I was willing to give her exactly what she's asked for.....



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