My Little Prince

"wake up Lora" his voice sounds so good and comfy, that made nuzzle into my bed even more making me smile and sleep even deeper.
"wake up already !!" he was whisper-shouting in my ear.
I groaned in annoyance and opened my eyes slightly "What the hell Jay ?!".
I looked at the night stand clock beside my bed and it showed 4:00 AM.
"come with me Lora, let's get out of here ..." he pleaded.
"what about your girlfriend Jay ?" I asked ready to go back to sleep.
"look at me Lora, she's gone. I broke up with her".
"You can't just break up with her ! who do you think you are? "
"I'm a fucking prince and I do what I fucking want". he picked me up and headed towards my window. Wait what ?
"Jay, you're not going to ju...." and before I could finish, he just jumped out of the window.
Meet my little prince, this boy is the love of my life.
But guess what ? he doesn't know about that.
He's an arrogant idiot, who doesn't care about anything but himself.
apparently he cares about me...


3. Chapter 2

'I'm not perfect and I never was ...'


I was sitting in the kitchen when I got off the phone with Jay. I just wanted him to say that he's found her.

When he asked me if we've found her I was really disappointed from myself that I didn't, and also disappointed that he didn't find her either.


I only found myself sitting in my despair, thinking about how I let my best friend go and couldn't follow her to assure that she's safe.


The last time I saw her, she was running away from me as if I was fire and a moment before that she spat the words I never wanted to hear in my face  "You're not my friend, you're just like him" she said referring to me acting like Jay. 


Only if she knew that Jay is nothing compared to me, in the end he's the young prince and I'm the older one. I'm the one with the bigger responsibilities and I'm way worse than him when it comes to the people I love and care about.


But I'm the one who was her best friend, I'm the one she used to run to when she felt lonely and got no one to talk to. I was there for her when she needed me.

 I got used to being around her and it became more and more real as  the time passed by, and me being a prince I've never had a friend but Jay. She is my only best friend.

But now all she sees in me is a fake person, and she's right.

I lied to her about everything. 


This mess is my fault. 


Jay and I already had so much to deal with before she came into the picture, she just happened to be in the middle of a problematic and sensitive situation that we had to save her and it happened also that she's the person Jay grew up with and love.

Losing her after so much time is the last thing we thought would happen. All the work that Jay and I have been doing was to assure Lora's safety ... But we decided to do that without letting her know, cause Jay didn't want her heart to break cause she's a very sensitive person. 

It's not easy to be fooled and used by your own family, but I know that it hurts a lot when it comes from a close friend as well.


It feels like the whole world gave up on you.


I remember the day when I first met her after Jay  has brought her to the apartment next door to mine.

Few days have passed on her moving to the apartment next door, I was having a night with the guys going over the plan and how we're going to make sure we're under control of her moves and locations, so that she won't get harmed easily. 


As Jay has told me that he's going to sign her up for art classes at college, so that she doesn't feel too trapped.

While we were talking and sorting things out, I spotted her few times, on the front door camera, walking out of her apartment and standing in front of my apartment's door hesitating Whether to knock on the door or not. She did this multiple times.


We made it sound as if we're having a party, and when I saw her getting out of the apartment again. This time I went to the door ruffled my hair a little bit and took my shirt off to look like I was just chilling.


I opened the door while she held her fist in the air ready to knock on the door. She jumped in her place not not expecting what has just happened.


She was wearing jeans shorts and a long white T-shirt that almost covered up the jeans, I was sure that it was one of Jay's shirts he's left over. She also held an empty bowl in her other hand, and kind of tried to hide slightly behind her back.


She clearly was surprised, she didn't expect it to happen. So she didn't say anything, she just stood there.


The moment that she realized that she's starring at my half naked body, her hand flew to cover her eyes immediately as if she's just saw something that she shouldn't have looked at in the first place.


Or as if she's done something wrong by standing in front of my door which she did basically. At least she came to me as expected and didn't go to another apartment, cause then it would've been much harder and I would've had to improvise.


I couldn't help but laugh at her cuteness, then I cleared my throat and said"Hello there" and tried to look at her through that spaces between her finger that still covered her eyes.

'She's so weird' I thought to myself, but I like it.


"How can I help you?" I questioned trying to be friendly and break the ice a little bit.


Then she looked up at me, removing her hand from her face slowly.

Maybe she noticed that it's weird, or maybe she just needed to gain some confidence to look at me ?.

I'm not saying that I'm handsome, but she's never approached people and tried to socialize before according to the information given to me from Jay.


I leaned on the door frame so she could see that I'm having 'a party' or more people chilling inside of my apartment, but she didn't bother to look inside, she didn't even glance again at my body. Not a single time.


She looked me straight in the eye, and struggled  a little bit with her words only saying so she ended up saying something more like "uh-um, I just ..." and raised the empty bowl she was holding with both her hands almost shoving it in my face. 

I noticed that she had paint stains on her hands. She must've been drawing so much these days. 


"Do you want cereal ?" I guessed.


Her eyes brightened at my words, as if it was too hard for her to form a sentence at the moment and she nodded with her head many times while smiling at me.


I smiled at her and invited her to come inside. Taking hesitant small steps she walked through the door carefully looking behind her to the stair case, afraid that Jay would come and see her doing exactly what he's told her not to do.


As I closed the door she started looking around, 'Maybe she is trying to analyze my personality by the way my apartment looked like', I wondered. 


"Welcome to my apartment, neighbor" I told her while leading her into the kitchen while she smiled at me still hesitant and followed along. 


I took the empty bowl from her hand and put cereal and milk in it. She sat by the kitchen table and her gaze was fixed on the bowl of food that was in my hands, watching me as I moved around.


I put the bowl in front of her on the kitchen table, and sat beside her. She looked at it but she didn't eat it.


She just looked at the bowl then back at me. "Don't I get a spoon ?" she asked me innocently.


"Oh sorry" I told her and I to look through three drawers until I found a spoon. This apartment isn't where I stay usually. I'm doing it only for the mission and I still didn't get used to it.


Meanwhile, she sat by the kitchen table looking at me without saying a word. 

At this point I couldn't read her face, there were no expressions


"Here you go" I handed her the spoon. 


She snatched it from my hand and started eating. Oh god, she might've finished all the supplies that we kept in her apartment. Even though I'm sure we had stoked it for a month but after a second thought I don't think we had cereal on the list.


I scratched the back of my neck wondering how can she be so hungry while I'm sure that the food in her apartment can a whole family for weeks. I just brushed it off noticing that I'm thinking about too much I guess she has ate it all.


Two and half bowls of cereal later, I suggested for her to go sit in the living room with the other guys and girls.

They were all drinking and laughing about random stuff.


Lora accepted my request. We went to the living room joining the others. 

She introduced herself to all of us and just sat there on the couch hugging the unfinished bowl of cereal and listened to the conversation that was going on. She did drop a comment here and there.


At some point she fell asleep on the couch. I didn't wake her up that night. 

So when she woke up in the morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast. 

She came to me and watched me cooking.


Then she decided to tell me her little dirty secret that she can't cook.

And since then we became friends and I started cooking for us everyday. 


I took a sip from my cup of tea and looked out of the window waiting for Jay to arrive already.


When Jay dropped her last time at college they both seemed to be a little bit down, and maybe he was angry. It's been two days since I last saw him, the second he knew about Lora disappearing he went crazy and insisted to check and make sure that non of our enemies know about her going missing or have kidnapped her already.


While sipping on my tea waiting for Jay to arrive, I looked out of the window trying to clear my mind.


When a knock was heard on the kitchen's door.


"Come in" I answered.


It was one of the guards. 

"Your highness, the people we're holding in the basement are being too loud and the neighbors might start wondering about it. Should we put them to sleep ?"


I took a big breath in trying to control the anger that was forming a bit by bit in my heart.


"You can do that" I gave him the permission. 

But before he'd left I made sure that he doesn't put them to sleep forever.


I just can't believe how evil people can get.


The scenes from two days ago started playing in my mind again.


Lora and I sat in class, waiting for Mr. Collins to arrive.


The man has never in his life was never late in his life. According to his words.


Just as I was wondering if something bad may have happened to him on his way here, someone stumbled into class while holding a huge portrait covered with a red cloth and it did look really heavy and fancy. 


"I didn't think Mr. Collins is in his right mind, I think he's just robbed a museum or something" Lora mumbled to me before I got up and went to help him carry the huge portrait that he was holding that was taller than him


I approached him held the portrait from both sides and took it from his small grasp.


"Thank you Harry, it was a struggle to drag it all the way here" He said in his old and squeeky voice.


"It's nothing Sir" I said trying to be polite while smiling at Lora. I put the portrait on a chair next to Mr. Collins And it still looked so much taller than him. I looked at Lora and she already looked like she was about to burst out in laughter. 


On my way back to my seat, I whispered to Lora "Today I don't need your inspiration, I'm drawing Mr. Collins while he's standing next to that stupid portrait of his" 


She couldn't resist my comment and started laughing until tears started coming down her face.


I tried to calm her down but there was no use so I just told her to hide her face behind her empty portrait she had beside her.


I sat in my place as if nothing happened, and Mr. Collins started talking.

And as usual, I couldn't listen to a word he'a saying.


But that portrait was bugging me so badly, it was so heavy to carry. It seemed original and somehow familiar to me.


It had the same shape of those portraits we have at the palace back home.


Mr. Collins apologized in front of the class because he was late and explained that he's prepared a special presentation from a guest that we'll be joining us in the second half of class to tell a story about the portrait that he's brought.


He announced that and went on with same topic we were talking about last time, and then he gave us some time to draw.


The second he said that we can go pick our tool and colors, Lora was already there picking up brushed and colors.


She looked so concentrated to a point that she couldn't respond to anyone.

Some girl came to her and asked her about some color combination tips, but she just walked away from her without saying a word or even exchanging glances with her.


She came back to her seat and her hands started working immediately. 


Her brush stroking the empty portrait in front of her so fast, I could see it moving from the force of her drawing as I picked up few brushes and I just grabbed two colors that I didn't even look at.


I went back to my seat behind Lora's and pocked my head from the side of my empty portrait to see what she's drawing. 


I was dumbfounded when I was met with a very realistic figure of a man dressed in a fancy blue jacket, and I swear I almost could see his chest going up and down memicking a breathing action....


But she didn't even draw a face to it, which is weird, I've watched her draw endless times by now and she always draws the face first then she goes down to the other parts of the body.

But this time it was different, she's started from the bottom. 


And left the canvas faceless. She even drew the hair but she left the face empty.


The moment she stopped painting and drew her brush down. 


I asked her "Are you okay, Lora?"


She turned around and looked at me sadness engulfing her eyes. "I saw him" she said pointing  her finger towards her portrait. " I couldn't keep his face in my mind" she continued. Her voice was shaky as if she's about to cry.


I stood up from my seat, I crouched on beside her seat so that I became in her eye level.

She kept starring forward on the drawing as if she's fighting to remember the face for the body she's just drew. 


'It's happening ' I thought to myself, she really loves Jay. That's why she's been seeing weird visions lately. She's learning about Jay's identity and about our history.

We're not normal people. 

I'm glad to be here beside her, cause it can be so devastating to go through it alone.


"Let's leave class and go for a little walk outside" I suggested, trying to make it easier for her.


She just nodded and stood up. We walked together out of the classroom, and just walked around for a while.

She didn't want to talk about anything, so I just don't know what vision she's seen and I wish I could explain it to her.

But it need to happen that way, she has to understand it deeply within herself.


And if she's really in love with Jay she will accept him for who he is, and she shall have the same privileges as him.


When we went back to class, it was empty.

"I guess they took a break while we were outside" I informed her. 


She nodded and went to her place and started packing her things.

'It would be better if we just go back home now' I thought to myself. 


Meanwhile, I stood at the front of the classroom and starred at the portrait that was brought here earlier this morning.

I thought to myself why don't we just take a sneak peek at it before we get going. 


Out of curiosity I approached the huge portrait and slid the red blanket that covered it. 


I just froze in my place. I heard a gasp from behind me, probably Lora's.


I couldn't believe that I found the missing portrait that was stolen from the palace years ago. 


I found myself solving a mystery now while being on another mission. 

I had to make the wisest decision for the moment. 


I turned around and found Lora standing behind me.


I just grabbed her from her shoulders squeezing her, I just didn't know what to do.

How can I make her unsee this. 


"I need to get you out of here fast" I told her, but she didn't even budge to move or say anything. 


She kept starring at the portrait of my grandfather who looked so similar to Jay in his youth.


I don't know what's going on her mind right now, but I can tell that things will get messy and I don't know how will I explain this to her.


I shook her wanting her to take her eyes off of that portrait. 

"We have to go now!" I repeated.


But she didn't budge at all, she didn't even flinch or look at me. As if she was hypnotized.


I pulled at her hand wanting to get her attention, but nothing. She went into shock or maybe she's going through a vision, I couldn't know. 


In the meantime, I started hearing voices coming from the hallway. So I had to act fast.


I picked her up on my shoulder and started walking to the end of class taking her portrait that she's been drawing along with me.


I opened one of the windows and jumped out. Luckily we were studying in a class on the first floor so it wasn't that hight.


I carried her on my shoulder and started running . I was afraid for her life, in all the time I've been spending time protecting her, we've never got into a situation that I had to run for her life.


I crossed the whole campus without stopping for a mere second.

 When we reached the car, I put her down and put the portrait in the car. 

Took my phone out and dialed Jay's number.

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