Im Gay and thats OK

its about what happens to me and I will be updating most Mondays-Fridays but I like having my weekends to myself XD I'm going to be telling you what happens to me at school and at home. And thank ill NOVA for the cover it is awesome.


2. my first boyfriend

My first boyfriend was in year 4 and I was 8. I didn't know what LGBTQ was until I came into year 5. It wasn't that bad with me coming out most of my friends already knew that I was bent (as in bi/gay).I just lost one of my best friends they are asexual and I kind of couldn't get used to calling them Roe I was used to calling them Brianna and I knew them since year 4 and It is kind of hard to just change your name and gender within a couple days and expect everyone to get used to it. I'm bad with getting used to this type of stuff you have to tell me before the end of the year or before school starts so I can get used to it not within a couple days (sorry if I'm offending anyone). I normally get used to that stuff within a year or so not a couple days. Anyway I was getting bullied on Monday last week because I am Gay and it kind of hurt because I got pushed up against a wall and was told to go kill myself. Then yesterday I loose a friend for saying Brianna instead of Roe and they were one of my best friends. They called me an asshole and a dick head and I'm a really nice person and It hurt to be called this stuff by a best friend i was crying all afternoon and all night because I lost my best friend. (I'm really sorry if I'm offending anyone)

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