Im Gay and thats OK

its about what happens to me and I will be updating most Mondays-Fridays but I like having my weekends to myself XD I'm going to be telling you what happens to me at school and at home.


4. loosing friends

you might loose friends when you come out and if you do you just have to say to yourself that the people that stood by you even after coming out are your true friends and they wont ditch you or disown you as a human because they are the ones that take care of you and it is actually really rare with the generation were in to discriminate people for their sexuality or race because we are nice people that accept people foe who they are and not by their looks and/or voices.

when I came out and I started loosing friends I went through anxiety and depression until amber helped me with how I was represented and I changed my thoughts about everything (you wouldn't believe that someone like me would cut and harm myself but I did) but amber got me out of that phase and I will never be able to repay her she is the world and I would do anything for her/ him (she is trans) amber always knew how to put a smile on my face and when learnt how to put on a fake smile no one noticed that I was upset. I only had to hide my pain from certain people that I knew would say that I'm a sook and that I need to grow up so I kept a poker face for a really long time.

loosing my friends weren't actually that bad because than yo know what friends you could trust if they notice that we are still the same people as we were before they  are the people you need to stick with forever because they will always have your back (thanks Aldin for showing me the strength of friendship) Aldin was one of my closest friends he would play on the playground with me in from years 3-6 he would always stick by my side and even though I'm gay he doesn't really care he thinks that I'm the same person (which I am) we have distanced from eachother now but that's because of all the new kids and since I have to show them around all the time I hardly ever get to hang with my friends anymore :(



how is everyone today/tonight?

and its finally Christmas holidays yay XD

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