Im Gay and thats OK

its about what happens to me and I will be updating most Mondays-Fridays but I like having my weekends to myself XD I'm going to be telling you what happens to me at school and at home. And thank ill NOVA for the cover it is awesome.


3. Getting Bullied

it was hard for me when I came into high school because there were a lot of people that wouldn't accept me and they would tell me I should go kill myself, and It really hurt me on the inside but after a while I got used to it but that made everything worse, I would get slammed up against a brick wall and get punched (this was at the end of year 7) so I kinda came out in year 7 which was really early because I wasn't sure if I found a girl or guy attractive and when I figured it out I was in year 8, I have never really had an attraction to girls as I do for guys I don't like the look of females and I don't like their genitals (sorry If I offended anyone) so I came out to my friend Amber she was the only one that knew and she told me not to tell anyone about me being gay because I would get bullied, but me and my loud mouth had to tell everyone. After I was out I was bullied for days on end and that's why I kept me being gay a secret from my parents and my brothers because last year they would have disowned me and all hell would have broken loose but I didn't tell them until my mum found out I was dating Jason (I'm not anymore it ended ages ago) then I had to come out right then and there which was kinda good because if I didn't come out at that moment I probably would look back at myself and say "why didn't you just tell her" (ik she would have known because I was dating Jason but my mum would have called it a phase) I also would have been so mad at myself because It would have gotten harder for me to keep it from my parents.

I had a bad week and I was getting bullied so that's why the chapter title is Getting Bullied

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