Im Gay and thats OK

its about what happens to me and I will be updating most Mondays-Fridays but I like having my weekends to myself XD I'm going to be telling you what happens to me at school and at home.


1. coming out

Coming out is one of the hardest things to do but I did it and I'm happy so if you are in the LGBTQ community just come out and yeah you might get bullied or your parents might disown you but later on in life its easier to find ppl like yourself and also talk to other Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans or anyone that is Queer.


We might be different but we are also human and we deserve to have a life were ppl don't judge us for who we are. We are all human and we are all the same. Last night I was in my room and my bro was calling me a F**king fagot but I looked at him and said thank you because I am a fagot, fagot according to my family means Gay so yeah I'm a fagot. When he says gay is wrong I tell him that he doesn't have to be involved with the LGBTQ Community in the future and if they allow gay marriage in Australia well he doesn't have to come to my wedding and he doesn't have to talk to me. I only have to talk to him until I move out of home because we share the same room but after I don't have to even look at him until Christmas dinner or lunch.  

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