I Like You (Jack Avery)

Just a story about a girl and a guy and a friend. This guy is way out of their league yet they all become friends. One girl and the guy want to be more but her friend isn't going to let that happen.


6. Trying But Failing.

Jack's P.O.V

The beach was amazing, I love it down here. The people are great, they were more than happy to tell us about the local food spots. We ended up being directed to a fish shop, it was suggested by multiple people, they all said things along the lines of, "You can't come down here for the first time without going to the fish and chippy." Their accents are all so thick and intense.

"What'd you think they'll taste like?" Zach asked, "Can't be too different." He continued.

"I don't care what they taste like, I am so hungry right now," Jonah added whilst rubbing his stomach.

After about three minutes of walking, we were there. There were heaps of people in a tiny little shop, but the decorations were all beach themed and the shop was painted blue.

We were finally at the counter, "Can we have some fish and chippy's please." Corbyn said to the lady.

"Chicken salt?" She replied. We all looked at each other and Daniel reluctantly nodded his head. She smiled and gave us a number, then we went to the seats that were all taken.

"I'm nervous," Zach said, which I agreed with.

"What if we don't like it?" I said concerned.

"We eat everything." Jonah reminded us. We all made a face that resembled agreement and waited for our number to be called.

We received a package wrapped in paper with holes poked through it. We said our thank you's and left the shop. We walked to a spare table back down at the beach and opened the bag.

"Oh, chippy's are fries!" Daniel said reaching in to grab one. "Ahh, they're hot." He said dropping it back on the paper.

"What's that orange stuff?" I asked dipping my finger in the substance that was all over the bag. "Is this the chicken salt?" I asked before I put my finger in my mouth. My eyebrows raised. "Wow," I said.

The boys and I devoured the food and it was amazing. "Oh man, I love Australia," I said.

"We've got to go and get ready for rehearsals," Corbyn said licking his fingers.

We reluctantly got up and took our time walking back to the hotel, we took more photos then eventually found our way back.

"I'm super excited for tonight, how about you guys?" I asked putting my clean shirt on. Zach was still in the bathroom, probably doing his hair.

"Yeah, not as excited as you though," Daniel said.

"Yeah what's up with that? Like we get it, you're excited, we're excited but like you're super excited." Corbyn asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No reason, I just love this place, good vibes that's all," I said, not really wanting to tell them about the girl I met today, in case they do something embarrassing at the show.

"You sure that's all?" Daniel asked. I nodded in response.

"You didn't meet anyone did you?" Jonah piped up.

"What, no. I was with you guys the whole time." I said.

Zach walked out of the bathroom, "No, remember you went to grab my camera. You took ages too."

"You met someone, didn't you?" Jonah asked again.

"Fine, I met a girl. Only for like two minutes and she's coming tonight." I admitted.

"A fan hey, that's ballzy of you," Corbyn replied.

"Yeah, I'm sure she's cool. You hoping to see her?" Daniel asked.

"I told her I would look for her," I replied.

"Wow she must be cool," Zach stated.

"She's coming with her friend, keep a look out, she has green eyes, orange hair and a bunch of freckles on her nose and cheeks." I said to them.

"Sure thing, is her friend cute?" Zach asked.

"I didn't meet her, so-" I was cut off.

"Wait what's her name?" Jonah butted in before I could finish answering Zach.

"Stevie." I said with a smile.

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