I Like You (Jack Avery)

Just a story about a girl and a guy and a friend. This guy is way out of their league yet they all become friends. One girl and the guy want to be more but her friend isn't going to let that happen.


9. Polaroid.

Jack's P.O.V

The show was absolutely incredible. The vibes were amazing and the crowd was wild, Adelaide was insane. When we walked off stage we were still bouncing off each others energy. 
"That was insane!" Corbyn said literally bouncing off of Jonah's shoulders. 

"I want to do that again and again," Daniel said in agreement with Corbyn. 

"Maybe after some sleep though," Zach added. We continued to talk while walking down the corridor, to our dressing room. We were all sweaty and gross, so we changed our shirts for the after party. The echo of girls voices was heard from our dressing room which hyped up the mood even more. 

"I can't wait to get to know everyone," Jonah said as we started walking to the after party. 

"I'm literally so excited," Corbyn added. We kept pumping each other up until we made it to the room for the afterparty. 

Before we opened the door, we looked at each other and smiled. Daniel opened it and there she was. "Wow," I whispered under my breath. Stevie looked still looked absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how she could've stayed this beautiful from before the show.

I couldn't help but stare. "You good bro?" Zach asked. I must've been pretty quiet. 

I cleared my throat. "Yeah, of course," I stumbled on my words.

"That's her, isn't it?" He asked. I did nothing to reply to him because she was getting closer to me. 

"Hi, oh my god! I am so happy, you guys killed it before, it was amazing!" Her friend squealed. "I'm Bri by the way, in case you forgot," She said as she hugged Zach. 
She hugged me for ages and left Stevie waiting behind her. I heard Zach say to her, "Nice to actually meet you." I was left wondering what her reaction was. 
When Bri finally let go of me, I got to hug Stevie. "Nice to see you again," I said to her with a smile. She started to blush. 

"Same goes. You guys were incredible by the way." She replied. She stood close to me as we all talk and mess around.

"Thank you!" Jonah replied. Stevie whipped a polaroid camera out of her bag. 
"Do you guys mind taking individual pictures then another group one?" Everyone agreed, so I prepared myself for a photo but she walked over to Daniel instead. 

"How're you liking Australia so far?" Her friend made me jump out of my thoughts. 

"The views have been great," I said looking directly at Stevie. 

"Have you guys been to the beach yet? It's truly amazing." She asked grabbing my attention back. 

"Yeah, we went earlier today. Met a few people, ate some food," I said, now looking at Bri.

"The food was great by the way," Jonah added while posing for the photo.

She nodded in agreement, "The fish and chips are great, always ask for extra chicken salt, they're kind of stingy with it."  

"I'll remember that for next time," I said with a slight giggle. 

"I can't get over how great you guys were tonight. It was so much fun!" She said seemingly super excited.

I smiled at her. "Thank you," I embraced her in a hug. 
"Jack, you free?" Stevie asked. Corbyn was standing with her. I looked at her and smiled. 

Bri went away to talk to the rest of the boys. "Sorry, she's kind of obsessed with you," Stevie said giving her camera to Corbyn. 
I laughed and said, "It's nothing, trust me." 

"She was playing it cool, trust me. You should have seen her like all last night, she was turning into some crazy fangirl." She said with a cackle.

I laughed with her. "Your laugh is the best thing I've ever heard." She started blushing. "You're beautiful." 

"Thank you." She replied. She was looking at the floor trying to hide her face. 

"Alright the group photo?" Corbyn asked. 

"You didn't take ours," I replied. 
"I did, it's developing now." He replied. I was confused because I didn't even see the flash. 

Corbyn gave her camera to one of the mums that were in the room and stood next to Jonah and Bri. 

"Say cheese!" She said. I held onto Stevie's waist tightly and smiled. 

The mother gave the camera back to Stevie as well as all the photos were taken earlier. She looked at the now fully developed photo of us two. She's smiling at the ground while I am smiling at her, it's a beautiful picture. 

"Do you mind if I take a picture of the one of us two and post it on Instagram?" I asked. She happily accepted my request then went to talk to Jonah. 

"Hey Corbyn," I said to get his attention. "Have you got a pen and paper?" 

"I've got a pen," He picked it up off of the floor and gave it to me. "No paper though," He continued. 

"Thanks," I said to him whilst he walked away to Zach and Bri. I quickly took a photo of the polaroid. "Stevie," I said waving her photo in the air. 

She walked over, I gave her the picture and asked for her arm. "Why?" She asked quite confused. 
"Trust me," I said with a huge smile. She reluctantly gave me her arm, I took the pen and wrote my Australian number on it. "Call me," I said with a wink. "Sorry, I'll never do that again." I apologized. 
"Don't apologize, it was cute," she said biting her lip. I wanted to kiss her right there and then but Bri came over with the rest of the boys.

"Alright, time to give the other girls a chance to meet them," Bri said locking arms with Stevie. 

"Hope you guys enjoyed the show," Daniel said to them both. 

"We did!" Bri replied, then they escorted out of the small private area that was set up for us. As soon as they left, the boys turned to me. 

"That was the girl, wasn't it? The one in the dress." Corbyn asked. I nodded my head and sighed with a huge smile plastered on my face. 

"She's amazing," I said simply. I bit my lip and continued to smile. 

"Damn, you've got it bad," Jonah said as he punched my shoulder gently. 

"We've only just met." I defended myself despite how I was feeling. 

"You like her don't you?" Zach asked. 

"Just admit it," Corbyn added. 

"I don't know, I guess." I played it off.  

"These girls, I swear," Jonah said. We laughed at his reference, left our area and partied with the rest of the fans for the rest remainder of the after party. 

The night was an absolute success, I did meet with Bri and Stevie a few times throughout the night. Stevie invited us to go to the beach with them after the party. 

"I'll ask the rest of the boys, I'll be back," I said leaving Stevie dancing with Bri.

They were all getting a drink at the back of the room."Y'all want to go to the beach after this?" I asked. 

They were all kind of hesitant at first, but after some coaxing, they finally accepted. I practically skipped back over to Stevie and Bri and nodded my head. Stevie got her phone out and texted me: I don't want to take too much of your attention but meet us under the jetty. 

I smiled and texted back: Sure, we'll see you there x

I felt nervous about sending the 'x'. Maybe it was too far too soon, I don't know. It was distracting me for the rest of the night.

Author note: 
To make up for the shortest chapter, I made sure that this one was the longest. I hope you enjoyed it. 

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