I Like You (Jack Avery)

Just a story about a girl and a guy and a friend. This guy is way out of their league yet they all become friends. One girl and the guy want to be more but her friend isn't going to let that happen.


3. Outfit? Check.

Stevie's P.O.V


Two months had past and I was neck deep in school work and revision, there were only two weeks left of me being a high school student and it all started to get to me. Exams were in a few weeks and it was safe to say that I was freaking out.

"Mum, I don't know what to wear!" I called to her from across the hall.

"When is it again?" She called back. I could hear her getting off of her bed.

"On Friday. Ugh, I don't want them to think I'm some broke kid and judge me by what I'm wearing." I said, the anxiety and sadness started kicking in.

"Stevie, stop this nonsense. I'll give you some money and you and Bri can go shopping." She said smiling.

"Where are you getting all this money from? Did you get a job?" I asked, honestly intrigued to hear the answer.

"You could say that... Now I'll go get my purse, you can buy whatever you want, I'm not fussed on how much money you spend okay?"

"Alright. Thank you, mum." She gave me her purse, which was filled with money. I knew that once all this was over, I'd have to interrogate my mum.

I called Bri to see if she was down to come but she was busy, so I called Max.

"Hey, thanks for coming with me! You have no idea how anxious I am about this." I say engulfing him in a hug.

"It's ok, I'll make you look sexy, it won't be too difficult because you're already beautiful." He replied whilst we were unraveling from the hug. I rolled my eyes, we joined arms and entered the shopping center.

We went to heaps of places, I was so tired after the first shop, I'm not really into it but Max is. He was on a mission, no matter how long it would take.

"Max, I feel like crap... Nothings fitting me right. Can we just call it a day?" I asked sounding absolutely exhausted.

"We'll take a break. You want to get food?" He asked while winding his arm through mine. I nodded.

We ate and talked, mainly looking up clothes on the Internet or judging what bits of clothing we like on some of the girls that were around us.

"Stevie, I promise you we will find something that you'll love and feel comfortable in." He put his hand over mine that was on the table.

"Let's do it," I said with determination. When I stood up, I felt as though my legs were going to fall off, but I pushed through it and it was worth it.

"Oh my gosh! Girl, you need to buy this! You look snatched!" He squeals while grabbing my waist.

I laugh at him. "Really, I don't know-"

"Stevie, if you don't buy this, I will kill you." I smiled and rolled my eyes at him.

"Fine," I said closing the curtain to take it off.

"I'm so proud of you." He said after I'd close the curtain. I smiled, then finished getting dressed.

Max gave me a lift home, as soon as I got there I practically ran to my room and face planted onto my bed, again. I was so happy, I felt like I found it, the right outfit. I was thinking about getting up and showing my mum but my eyes started to get heavy and before I knew it, I was asleep.

I woke up in the same position as what I remembered falling asleep in. I showered as soon as I woke up and I felt so much better. I got dressed in what I was wearing to the concert to show my mum.

"Wow, you look amazing!" She said getting off her bed and examining me. "You look gorgeous! Are you excited?"

"Yes! Bri's going to be here in a few hours so can you keep an ear out for her?" I asked she nodded.

I went back to my room and change into something more comfortable then continued to pack for tomorrow night.

Authors note:

Sorry, I know I said I would try and speed things up in this chapter, but that'll be next chapter. Thank you for reading!

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