I Like You (Jack Avery)

Just a story about a girl and a guy and a friend. This guy is way out of their league yet they all become friends. One girl and the guy want to be more but her friend isn't going to let that happen.


8. More Meeting than Greeting.

Stevie's P.O.V

We walked up to the boys and hugged each one down the line. Jack was last which was nerve-wracking. Bri went before me and was freaking out, she was so happy which made all the boys laugh. We introduced ourselves as we went down the line and posed for a photo. I stood next to Jack, he grabbed my waist which gave me butterflies. 
"Good seeing you again," I said to him.

"You look great," He replied. 
I could feel myself getting red in the cheeks and tried to hide it. We all posed for a second photo and were rushed off because of all the other girls that were in line, that came in after us. 

"I'm sorry that it was so short." He said to me as we were ushered away. 

I smiled and prepared myself for the show. "I can't believe we just met them!" Bri said with her excitement accelerating by the second. "I can't wait for the after party!" I didn't reply but instead smiled in agreement.

we walked into the hall and stood around, Bri was pushing people out of the way to ensure that there was a spot at the front for us. Along the way, I was constantly apologising on Bri's behalf. We waited for about ten minutes, the hall was completely filled up. The lights dimmed and music started to play. Everyone screamed thinking that it was the boys but it was just a playlist. 

"Oh my god! they cant play me like that!" Bri screamed over all the other people. I laughed at her, which made her laugh at herself. We continued to stand around, talk and make new friends as well as see people that we had already knew from school, then the playlist sound started to lower. 

"Hello, Adelaide!" Daniel spoke into the microphone. 

All the girls went wild which completely hyped up the whole room. The vibe was amazing. 

"What a crowd," Jonah said. 

"How're you guys doing tonight?" Zach asked with his iconic smile. 

I didn't take my eyes off of Jack the whole night. I couldn't, he was just so handsome. I'd like to think that he was looking for me, but judging by a number of pretty girls in this room, he'd probably forgotten about me. 

"So we're going to sing a few songs for you guys tonight as well as do our own covers if that's alright?" Corbyn said, and the crowd went wild. 

The music started playing and, if it was even possible, the crowd got louder. "This is All My Love, sing if you want, like if you know it," Jack said with a small sigh like laugh. He looked around the crowd, then skimmed the front row. He found me and smiled even brighter. 

That is how I could tell that that night was going to be amazing. 

Author note: 

So sorry that this chapter is so incredibly short in comparison to the rest. I messed up the chapters, then one deleted and it was a mess. Technology issues. Anyway, I hope that you still enjoyed it, I had to do some research on what they do in their concerts to write this because they haven't been to Australia at all yet. I hope that this is somewhat similar to what happens at their concerts. I know that they do their concerts differently and like to show off their own individual skills. I know I haven't done this chapter justice and I do apologise. Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope that you are enjoying this story so far. 

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