I Like You (Jack Avery)

Just a story about a girl and a guy and a friend. This guy is way out of their league yet they all become friends. One girl and the guy want to be more but her friend isn't going to let that happen.


1. Introduced and Forgotten.

Stevie's P.O.V


I opened my eyes in a place unfamiliar, it took me a few seconds to remember that I was at my friends' house. I laid there for a few seconds before asking the time.

"11:23" Bri smiled, "Do you know that you snore?" I chuckled and rolled my eyes playfully. "It wasn't loud or anything-"

"Yes I know, I've been told that before. Thank you, can we have waffles for breakfast?" I asked with a beaming smile. I hadn't eaten waffles since I was around nine years old.

"You mean brunch?" Bri said with a laugh. I rolled my eyes, both of us got out of bed then quickly walked into the kitchen, dodging her overexcited puppy.

After making the waffle batter, Bri got her UE Boom out and started playing music. We both started dancing around like idiots, well I did because I am seriously uncoordinated. We got the cream, maple syrup and ice cream out and put it on the table ready for the waffles. They were exactly how I'd remembered them, delicious.

"I need to convince my mum to get a waffle iron, " I said whilst cutting myself another delicious portion. "Who is this?" I asked still having a mouthful of waffles.

"The music?" She asked. I nodded. Bri smile grew, she instantly looked happier. "You like them?"

"Yeah, I think they're pretty good. They kind of sound familiar."

She nodded, "Logan Paul puts their songs on his socials and outros sometimes." I was instantly reminded of their music. "They're called Why Don't We." I nodded while eating more food.

We continued listening to their music, Bri was singing along and dancing in her seat.

"They're pretty good, they've got talent, that's for sure, " I said while getting up and putting my now dirty plate into the dishwasher.

"They're pretty hot too." She replied.

"Oh my, show me," I said quickly rushing back. I took the seat directly next her. She showed me many pictures of all five members, in my opinion, they were all pretty damn gorgeous. I took her phone and got their names then followed their socials.

"Jack is my favourite." Bri said taking her phone back from my hands.

"Who's that again?" I said trying to remember.

"The one with the curly hair, here I'll get up a good pic." She fiercely stalked his Instagram whilst I was trying to figure out which one I liked the most so far.

From first glance, Jack was the one that I'd liked the most as well. I knew that, even though there would never be a possibility of us being friends with them, it would cause some strain, I could tell she was quite obsessed with the band. "I think I like Corbyn-"

"Really, no way! You know he has a girlfriend right?" I was reconsidering my decision. "Oh well... I found that picture of Jack, look. Isn't he so hot!" She said shoving her phone in my face.

"Oh wow, he's really handsome!"

The rest of the day went by, we watched a few movies then it was time for me to go home.

When I got home, I put my stuff in my room then went directly into my mum's room. "Mum, can we get a waffle iron?"

The band kind of went to the back of my mind and going back to school was the main thing taking up my brain. Great. Two days to go.


Authors note:

Hey guys, I hope you like it! Because I am Australian, there might be a language barrier or words spelled differently to how it is in American. If you have any questions or queries about anything I'm writing feel free to ask in the comments section. Just a warning, the chapter sizes will most likely vary as well as chapter releases. I'll try to be as frequent as possible. Thank you for reading!

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