I Like You (Jack Avery)

Just a story about a girl and a guy and a friend. This guy is way out of their league yet they all become friends. One girl and the guy want to be more but her friend isn't going to let that happen.


4. Forgot It.

Jack's P.O.V

"Jack... You good bro?" Daniel snapped me out of my daze. 

"Yeah man, what time is sound rehearsals?" I asked with furrowed eyebrows. 

"Five I think, why?" He replied. 

"I want to do something. It's not every day that we're in Australia." I stated. 

"I agree." Corbyn chimed in.

"What are we agreeing on?" Zach said as he and Jonah walked over to us.

"Being adventurous," Corbyn replied with a smile. 

We tweeted out what good places there are to go to in Adelaide because we had no idea. We were playing at the Southern Youth Theatre in Port Noarlunga. there weren't really many places to go around that area. 

"The most common one's theatre coming up are the Botanical Gardens, Moana Beach, Port Noarlunga beach and Glenelg," Jonah said to us all. 

"Same," Daniel replied. "We should just go to the beach. It's really hot out." He continued. 

"We could walk, we're not far," Zach stated. 

"True, and that way we can see what it's like, you know with the scenery and stuff," Corbyn said. I shook my head in agreement. 

"And, maybe we can get some food," Jonah said with a beaming smile. 

"We need to get shorts, is there a swimwear shop around here?" Daniel said. "I'll Google it." 

We found one and walked to the shop, it was pretty much right next to the beach. After we'd bought our shorts, we walked to the beach. There was this huge restaurant on one corner and a bunch of houses down the road. We could hear our music playing in the distance. We all smiled at each other and continued to walk down to the beach. There were so many people, it was crazy. We immediately dropped our bags and explored a little.

"Jack, can you get my camera out of my bag?" Zach said once he found a good position on the rocks. 

I went through his bag and it wasn't in there. "Dude, I think you left it in the hotel," I said back to him. 

"Oh crap, you mind running and getting it." He replied, "I'll wait here." he continued. 

"Yeah, I'll be back soon," I said loud enough for all the boys could hear me. I could finally ride my board. 

Whilst I was riding, I was taking in all of the beauty around me. There was a girl running around the corner, many couples and heaps of people heading to the beach. amongst all the chatter I could hear this humming sound, it sounded incredibly familiar. it sounded like our song Something Different. I slowed down and moved to the side where everyone was walking to the beach. I followed her until she hit the chorus, then I started singing along with her humming. She immediately turned around and looked for me. It took her a moment, but when she locked eyes with me, my jaw dropped. 

"Wow," I whispered only so I could hear. She was beautiful.


Author note: 

Finally, I have a chapter in Jack's perspective. I know that it is short and I am sorry about that. Just letting you know that in Adelaide it is starting to get super hot even though it is only Spring, so the beach is pretty much the only thing I have on my mind. Thank you for reading, super stoked to see that I have some readers now! Thank you again. 

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