The Scarecrow Part 4 A novel

Lawrence, Kansas, 1976.

A year has passed since the scarecrow attacks in town. When Melanie Christian and her family inherit the haunted farmhouse, they come into contact with the scarecrow who usually leaves the fields at night time.

The third sequel to the Scarecrow series.


2. The hunt-Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1976


Sheriff Alan West, Jr., was fifty-three. He looked tired. The reports of locals in Lawrence, Kansas, hunting the evil scarecrows. He drank warm coffee as he shook his head. The long list of mysterious disappearances had haunted him for six years; the other Sheriffs in town had died, (or retired); the Sheriffs had seen the scary looking scarecrows in the fields...and they didn't move of their own accord. He finished his coffee...and placed it on the sink. He focused on the news that if he didn't stop the deaths he would resign.

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