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2. Two

"Ugh... my head.." Livia grabbed her pounding head as she sit up. She opened her eyes and found herself in a completely different place from her bedroom. Massive trees surrounded her, trees stretching up and touching the sky. Howling animals called to other animals in the distance. "Where am I?!" Livia exclaimed. She stood to her feet as her head continued to pound. Livia leaned up against a tree. "Doesn't.... matter. I need to make a shelter, or something..." Livia said ignoring her head. She snapped branches off of low hanging trees, and she positioned them under an overhanging rock formation, turning the broken branches into a wooden tent. Suddenly from the distance a woman's scream startled Livia. "Someone help me!!" The voice screamed. Livia, without thinking, grabbed a firm stick and bolted off towards the screams. 

When Livia came into a small clearing, she heard a scream from overhead saying to leave her alone. When Livia looked around more she saw a girl dangling by her arms high up in a tree, and also saw a black panther awaiting the woman's fall. Livia ran into the clearing, catching the panthers attention. "Hey over here!" Livia called. The panther jumped off a high rock and pounced towards livia and swiped its sharp claws. Livia smashed her firm stick across the panthers face, and the black cat fell to its feet. It then stood up, suddenly fearful of the atmosphere and it ran off into the forest. 

"Uh.... could you please help me down? I mean I'm very grateful that you fought off the panther, so helping a girl out of a tree should be nothing for you...." "Jump." Livia said. "What!?" "I'll catch you." The girl sighed. "Okay..." The girl let go of the branch she was so dearly hanging onto and fell from the tree, landing on Livia. "Ugh... gee thanks...." 


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