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3. Three


The girl stood to her feet and helped Livia up off the dirty floor. "Does my savior have a name?" The girl asked. "Hehe.. Livia." Livia stretched out her arm to shake hands. The girl gracefully took Livias hand and they both shook. "My names Tani." "Pleased to meet you Tani." "And to you too, Livia." They both smiled for a moment. "So uh.. I should head back to my little camp." Livia said. "Oh.. uh can I come?" Tani asked. Livia sighed. Then she smiled at Tani and said, "Sure."

When Livia and Tani finally reached the small clearing with the overhanging rock formation and Livias tiny wooden tent, Livia began to snap more branches off other low hanging trees. She did the same procedure and made a second wooden tent under the rocks. "Here this ones yours." Livia pronounced. "Thank you very much." Tani thanked. Livia responded with a nod, without looking at Tani. Livia bundled some spare wood into a small pile, and surrounded it with brick like rocks.

"Do you know how to start a fire?" Livia asked. "No, sorry." "Then look away." "Huh?" "I said to look away." Livia responded  firmly. Tani peeked behind some trees, not looking at Livia, even though the temptation was endless. Tani quickly peered over her shoulder and at Livia. She was wielding fire magic. "Your not looking are you?" Livia asked as she paused her fire magic. 

'She's a witch.' Tani thought restlessly.

And she was right...





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