This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 13 2017.©


6. Six

When morning light finally peered over the mountains, Livia had woken up to find the storm had come to an hault. Livia stretched her arms into the air and sat up. A sound of a young animal whining in the distance had caught Livias attention. Without thinking, Livia had already run out from the hut and was following the distress cries.

Livia found herself in a meadow with a few trees, near a house placed next to a waterfall. The house seemed to be abandoned. Livia looked around and saw a small bear cub surrounded by a pack of wolves. Not far from the scene was the bear cubs mother, lying dead on the grass. Livia pulled out a sharp knife and lept into the scene. Livia burst through the wall of wolves and positioned herself in front of the cub. One of the wolves dove at Livia. Livia swung her knife across the skin of the Wolf, cutting it. It bounced back in pain, as the pack of wolves began  to whimper, and ran off into the woods. 



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