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7. Seven

The bear cub tugged on Livias pants, as is trying to lead her somewhere. The bear cub tugged one more time before it burst off running, towards the cliff rocks. The cub had lead Livia into a small cave underneath the waterfall. The cub walked over to a pile of hay and sat next to it. Livia walked up to the hay and saw an baby sleeping peacefully. "Oh my god!" Livia swooped up the child in her arms. The bear cub licked Livias ankle.  "Don't worry ill come visit you..." Livia said to the cub. 

Livia walked out of the cave with the child in her arms. As the baby began to fuss, Livia shushed her and said, "Its okay little one, I'll protect you.. I promise." The baby smiled as it grabbed hold of Livias thumb. "Livia! Livia where are you?" Tani yelled from a distance. "Over here!" Tani brushed aside a tree branch as she gazed at the beautiful meadow. "Livia!" Tani burst out into running, as she almost tripped when she saw the baby in Livias arms. "Is that a baby?" "Yes..."  "Where did you find a baby!?" Livia pointed at the hidden cave behind the waterfall, as Tani sighed in relief. "She was abandoned. So I took her. Plus I found a place to set up camp!" Livia said. "What's her name? Like what are you going to name her?" Tani asked. "I'm going to name her.... Olivine." "That's so pretty!" 

"Here, will you hold her? I wanna start fixing up the cabin over there." Livia asked. "Sure!" Livia handed Olivine to Tani as Tani started to talk in a silly voice.  Livia walked towards the forest trees as she broke off bigger branches than the ones at the old campsite. She dragged them into the grass as Livia made herself an axe. She began to chop all the branches in half, carving them into wooden boards. Livia  did this repeatedly for the next few hours, until the sun had already gone down. 


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