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9. Nine

Tani ran around the meadow grabbing almost anything she could find. A rock, a hollow stick, sturdy leaves, and a wet smooth rock from the waterfalls lake. "Do you still have that hair tie?" Tani asked Livia. "Uh, yeah sure." Livia handed over her hair tie, as Tani grabbed it. She ran over and piled up the materials she found around the meadow. Tani attached a strong stick to a rock that had a hole in it, making a hammer. She connected the hollow stick with the bowl we had at our old campsite, making a funnel...thing. And lastly she stuck together the smooth flat rock with the sticky substance attached to the funnel and the hammer. "Viola!" Tani said. "Ok? What's it gonna do to help mash the fruit?" Tani giggled. "You mash the fruits with the hammer over the funnel, the fruit goes down the tube and falls into the bowl! Then you grab the spoon and feed the baby!" "Okay, but we could have just done that over the bowl..." "pfft! You just don't understand!" Livia rolled her eyes and grabbed the mashed fruit Tani used for her demonstration. Livia picked up the spoon and set Olivine on a stump from a fallen tree. 

"Alright little one! Eat up!" Livia said, scooping up apple sauce with the spoon, mimicking an animal as Livia fed Olivine. "Atta girl! Eat up!" Livia said cheerfully.  Livia  scooped up another spoon full of mashed apples, she mimicked another animal and fed the mashed apples to Olivine. Olivine  cheerfully ate  The mashed apples. She swallowed with cheer, giggled, and clapped her hands. "Well someone seems happy now!"  Livia said enthusiastically. Wind picked up as Olivine began to fuss again. "Great...."

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