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4. Four

The fire trickled as it spread its smoke into the air. Livia tossed fire wood into the pile of flame as she stared into it, while it danced along. "Um... Livia? You okay?" "Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine." "Alright... hey I wanted to thank you for saving me today." "Shush!" Livia said, raising her finger to her lips. Howls filled the air. A big brush of wind flew flew by stomping the fire out, leaving Tani and Livia in the darkness of the woods. 

Animals fled past them, the growls grew louder and louder, closer and closer. Livia and Tani scrambled under the rock formation, fearing what was to come. Loud stomps approached the cramped rock. Livia looked out ahead, and saw two large, scaley feet, with long sharp claws. Tani pulled Livia back into the safe hole, looking at Livia with fear. The feet moved on, passing the overhanging rocks, and the stomps grew more and more distant. 

"What was that!?" Tani finally let out. The two girls crawled out from under the rocks and huddled around the stomped out fire again. Livia blew on the ashes as the fire began to spark. Tani tapped on Livias shoulder. Livia turned around and gazed at the crumbled landscape. Trees had fallen in the path of the monsters destruction. The landscape had fallen in a path of ruins. 

"What do we do now?" Tani asked. A cold drop of rain fell onto Livias cheek, followed by a loud crash of thunder. "We seek shelter from the storm." Livia answered.

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