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8. Eight


Tani stood up from a rock by the lake–with the baby still in her hands— and walked up to Livia saying, "Livia, its dark. Can we maybe start a fire?" Livia looked up to the sky and saw the stars of the night, twinkling right at her. "Sure." Livia said, as she walked over to a pile of wooden scraps, just perfect enough for fire wood. Tani handed Olivine back to Livia as she arranged the sticks in a tent like formation. She surrounded the sticks with brick like rocks, and put a few coal rocks underneath the tiny stick tent.

Tani grabbed two flint stones and began smashing them against one another, creating little sparks of fire. "Got it!" Tani said with joy as fire began to burn the wood, with a sound of crackling. "Good job Tani!" The baby began to cry and fuss. "Oh no..." Livia turned Olivine around so she could she her face. "What wrong little one? Are you hungry?" Olivine took hold of Livias thumb and put it in her mouth. 

"I'll go get some fruit to mash." Tani said unenthusiastic. Tani walked up too a apple tree that was conveniently nearby.  She pulled the fruit from the tree and put it in her arms. Tani could only carry four pieces of fruit at a time, so she asked, "Livia? How much fruit do we need?" "Five should be enough." Tani carried the four pieces of fruit and set them down on an old stump. 

Tani stared at the fruit. "What are you thinking?" Livia asked her. "I'm thinking that I could make an invention to mash the fruit." Tani answered. "Okay... but with what?" Livia asked as she  heard Tani laugh. "You'll see." "Alright, but you better hurry the baby is getting more fussy by the minute." 

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