Child's play

When a young young child— at the age of two — become involved with forces and terrors beyond his... comprehension, he must overcome the darkness that lurks beneath the shadows.


2. Two

As little Echo heard his mother shout at the mysterious guest at the door, the kitchen began to go fuzzy, like an old television without an signal. Unexpected things started to fly off the kitchen counters, like napkins and forks and little tiny baby spoons. "No!" Shouted Echos mom as the front door slammed shut. As Echos mom walked in the room, she was carrying a present. She looked around and saw the mess lying around the kitchen. "Alright sweety, how about we go upstairs and open your presents?" Mom asked. Echo cooed, as he reached his arms up inching for her to pick him up. Mom picked Echo up and began to walk towards the stairs, but as she was climbing the stairs she suddenly stopped, and whispered something in Echos ear. Something along the lines of "I love you." Or "Don't leave me." But she then kissed Echo on the cheek and continued walking up the stairs. 

Mom pushed open Echos door and walked in, setting Echo and one of the presents down on the play mat. Mom grabbed two more presents that where on a nearby dresser and had little Echo open a blue one first. Echo grabbed the top of the present and threw it as far as his little arms could. He peeked inside and saw a new shiny alphabet book. Silken in golden material on the side and a picture of a red cat meowing the alphabet in the middle. 

Echo laughed and he clapped his hands. Mom put the alphabet book to the side along with the blue box. Mom put a green box in front of Echo. Again, Echo ripped off the top and saw a new pair of gray pajamas with baby blue elephants on them. And finally the thrid present was orange. Mother set the present in front of Echo, and Echo slammed his fists onto the presents. Repeatedly. When little Echo finally got bored of slamming his hands on the present, he tossed off the present top and opened up the present to find a dragon stuffed animal. The dragon was black with scales and soft and fuzzy. 

"What'd you get?" Mother asked. Echo cooed as he picked up the dragon from the box. He hugged it tightly as the phone began to ring downstairs. Mother scoffed and sighed as she dismissed herself and went downstairs to answer the phone. Echo looked up at the door while it continued to slowly shut, even though no one was there to shut it. 


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