Child's play

When a young young child— at the age of two — become involved with forces and terrors beyond his... comprehension, he must overcome the darkness that lurks beneath the shadows.


3. Three

Echo looked at the black dragon toy in his hands and smiled. But little Echo was confused about the door. 'Who closed the door?' He thought. A chilly draft flew through Echo, sending shivers down his spine. "Psst. Little boy." A voice called. But it want a scary voice, it was a soft, comforting voice. A voice your best friend might have when talking to you. Echo looked down and saw that his dragon was the one who had just spoken. Echo quickly let go of his toy and fell on his back. "Oh no," the dragon said. "Are you okay?" The toy dragon tried to help Echo up. He pushed his back up and Echo was sitting up again. "Phew! Hi, my names Goony. What's your name?" The toy asked. There was a long moment of silence. "Not much of a talker yet huh? That's okay.." Echo reached out his hand and poked the little dragon. "Hey, stop that..." Echo giggled. "Ooh! What's that?" Goony said, as he ran towards a choo-choo train. Goony pressed a red button that activated the train, as it began to run around its track. Echo crawled closer to the train and Goony. Echo grabbed a nearby book called 'The Well', and handed it to Goony. "What's this? A book? Hmm let's see..." Goony began, "Five small animals on a wet rainy day, 'I don't like being wet' one said, 'then maybe you should get-..get inside'" Goony put down the book, and stared at a windup toy. "What does that do?" Goony said pointing at the windup. Echo laughed as he clapped his small hands, he was excited about Goony's curiosity for the box. Both Goony and Echo made their way up to the box, and Goony winded it up. Music began to play. A soft melody going to the tune of sweet child. "That's a nice melody.... so pretty." Echo raised his hand towards Goony and gently patted I'm on the head. "Wanna play a game?" Goony asked. "Ok! Let's play hide and seek.. ill hide one of your toys, and you'll find it! I'll start to hide your green frog plush once you close your eyes." Echo turned around, facing a wall, and covered his eyes with his hands. 

"Okay I'm ready!" Goony said. Echo turned back around and looked around his room. There he saw Goony, but he was good at hiding things. Because Echo couldn't find his green frog. But then in the corner of Echos eye, he saw a green figure, Echo crawled towards it and found his frog underneath his crib. Echo laughed. "Hey! You found it! I wanna show you something. But it has to be dark. Help me get the lights." Goony said. Echo stood up on his feet, and picked up Goony, Echo walked over to the door and lifted Goony up on his back. Goony flicked off the lights and the room went dark. 

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