Child's play

When a young young child— at the age of two — become involved with forces and terrors beyond his... comprehension, he must overcome the darkness that lurks beneath the shadows.


1. One

As little Echo cooed, his mother prepared his blue frosted birthday cake. "Just one more second!" Echos mother said cheerfully. "And....there! All done!" Little Echos mother picked up the cake and carried it to the table. It wasn't a very big cake. Maybe the size of an waffle. But it was just enough for Echo and his mom. Echos mother picked up a baby spoon and scooped up a bite from the cake. "Yummy!" His mother pronounced, in a non teasing way. She scooped up more cake on the spoon and fed it to Echo. The smile on his face surely said "More! More!" Even though he didn't know how to speak properly. Echo only knew few words like "Scary" or "Big", and sometimes he knows a 'monster' when he sees one.  But Echo cooed at the sight of more cake coming his way. He clapped as he gobbled down the cake. The doorbell rang as Echos mother pulled back the spoon from Echos mouth. She gently put the spoon on a napkin that rest on the table and said, "Be right back dearest." And she got up from her chair and went to the front door. She opened it and little Echo could hear she was not pleased.


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