Child's play

When a young young child— at the age of two — become involved with forces and terrors beyond his... comprehension, he must overcome the darkness that lurks beneath the shadows.


4. Four

l"It’s very dark in here now..." Goony said shaken. "But that’s okay! If you hold me tight in the dark, there’ll always be a surprise." Echo held Goony tightly to his chest, and an fire like color illuminated from his mouth. Goony began to glow. Footsteps stomped on the hardwood floors outside Echos room. A loud bang followed by shadows of two feet stood at the door outside the room. The doorknob turned and the door flew open, showing Mother in the doorway. She flicked on the lights as the light from Goony died out. "Oh! There you are! Why are the lights off?" Mother asked with a giggle in her voice. She picked up Echo and put him into his crib, as Echo still held Goony close. Mother lied Echo down and pulled a small baby blanket over Echo and kissed him goodnight. She then turned on Echos star night lights and left the room. Echo stared at the fake stars circling his ceiling, and drifted off into a deep slumber. When his eyes slightly opened, little Echo could see his Goony slipping away, as if something was ripping them apart. Goony flew out of the room and the door slammed behind the mysterious force. Startled, Echo woke up from his sleep, caused by his crib tipping over and falling to the ground. Unharmed, he crawled onto his feet and dashed for the door. But it was locked. 

Echo looked around his room, searching for an answer, or a stable item not too heavy for him to move. Then he saw his footstool for the bathtub. Little Echo dragged the footstool to the door and climb atop it. He unlocked the door with his tiny thumbs, and crawled back down to move the stool. After doing so, he peeked through the crack under the door and could see a light coming from a room next to his. He could also hear a strange  moving device. As if a spinning sound. Echo grabbed the side of the door and opened it. It loudly creaked open alerting any dangers nearby. Echo rose to his feet and walked towards the door with the light on. The door was shut but Echo could see the light from underneath the door. Echo pulled up the stool from his room and placed it in front of the door. Echo climbed up on the stool, and opened the door. It was clear now that the light was coming from the washing room. A smuggled voice came from the washer, and immediately Echo could tell it was Goony's voice. Echo tried to open the washing machine door, but it wouldn’t budge. He then saw a weird rope connected to the washing machine and the wall. Echo crawled up to the rope and pulled it from the wall and the spinning sound stopped. Echo pulled open the washer door and pulled out the soaking wet dragon. Goony gasped for air as he says, "We have.... to find your.... mother.." Echo patted Goony on the head before exiting the washroom. He peeked around the corner and saw something was there. A tall, dark figure looking the opposite direction stood just around the corner. It seemed like it was a monster, because it didn’t look like a man nor woman. It just appeared as a monster. Echo ducked back behind the corner as the tall monster turned around. After a long, quiet moment, Echo decided to peek around the corner again. This time, nothing was there. Crawling towards his mothers bedroom, Echo looked around cautiously. But it was hard to tell what was a threat, and what was just a shadow at night. "There it is," Goony whispered in Echos ear. At least Echo could see that his mothers bedroom door was unlocked and open. Wait... Her bedroom door is open! Echo darted into the room and relaxed, for he saw his mother was restfully sleeping in her bed. "We have to wake her up..." said Goony. Echo crawled onto his moms bed and pulled the bedsheets back to see that it was just pillows. "Oh no!" Goony exclaimed as the second door in mothers room began to shake unforgivingly. "Quick! Under the bed!" Echo quickly jumped off the bed and sped underneath his moms bed. The door flew open to reveal.... the tall figure had found him.

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