Child's play

When a young young child— at the age of two — become involved with forces and terrors beyond his... comprehension, he must overcome the darkness that lurks beneath the shadows.


5. Five

Echo ducked under the bed as the door flew open. But a swift figure flew past the door and continued down the dim light hall. Echos heart raced faster and louder. So loud that it seemed that it could give away Echos position at any moment! He looks up regretting his choice, it’s eyes are the color of blood. Murderous and unforgiving. Slate and grey skin. This monster, those soul-staring eyes told its tale... it’s tale of death and destruction. A feeling of emptiness seemed to reach down into Echo's soul ,through his very being destroying every trace of hope. It’s eyes were what prepared people for their death. It’s eyes told them it was coming in a way that words words could not describe. Echo could suddenly feel his breathing stop as the monster took a further step closer to the bed. Echo couldn’t hear his rapping breathing, but could feel the oxygen flooding in and out of his lungs. Fearfully, He looked at the tall creature, and watched it take another step closer. Fear overwhelmed his body, making Echo drastically exhausted. They say the younger the person, the more vivid their eyesight is. But Echo could not see every clear thing in his future. He couldn’t even see if he was going to have one beyond this moment. Goony taps at Echo's shoulder and whispers, ”Echo make it go make it go!” Echo stares confused not knowing what to do . 'How?' A sharp smile stretched on the creature as it stretched down and said , “go to sleep..."

"Run!" Goony said loudly into Echos ear. Without hesitation, Echo dashed out from the other side of the bed and made a run towards the door. The monster, still in  mothers bedroom, screeched so loudly it was enough to make anyone want their mommy’s. But Echo tried not to focus on that, instead he tried focusing on a way to escape the monster. Only... little did he know that it was faster than he thought.

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