The Lost Archer

The lost archer - A clash story

This story was based in the unisverse of Clash royale & clash of clans


2. Chapter 2

“WAKE UP JUNO!” Said Juno’s dad, Ashton more commonly, known as Mr. Banes loudly from the little kitchen. Ashton Banes works at The crown ministry, in the sport team & player management department. He absolutely love sports and always talks about them. “Juno? Juno sweetheart wake up!” A stressed out Lenora Arthur Banes, Juno’s mom said also from the little kitchen. Juno’s mom Ms. Arthur worked at the town hall as the structure manager. She controlled when trees should be cut down. Rocks should be moved or destroyed. She also controlled If and when buildings should be placed and/or upgraded. “Juno take your clothes on you have morning practice today!” yelled Juno’s mom from the kitchen again. “Yeah I’m coming!” said Juno now out of bed a taking on her clothes on. A few minutes later all the banes was sitting at the table. Well almost. “Where’s James?” Juno asked her parents and took a bite of her morning bread. “Well we don’t know” said Juno’s mom. “The only thing we know is that he’s coming back sometime tonight”. Juno took the last bite of her bread, she took her hood on and then rushed out the door for shooting practice. Juno was training to a professional archer that played in the arena battles. Juno rushed down the stairs running as fast as she could. She bumped into one of the builders huts and could hear an angry George Flexer from the hut. “Good morning Juno!”. Said one of the ladies working at the townhall. “’Morning!” Juno shouted back and continued running. 

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