The Lost Archer

The lost archer - A clash story

This story was based in the unisverse of Clash royale & clash of clans


1. Chapter 1

Juno was running up the thousand step stair to Mr. Prudens House, on the tallest mountain in the Frozen peak. It was raining and thundering like never before, and juno was already completely wet. Juno walks the last steps up to the door, and knocks really fast. And a few seconds later a very tired Mr. Prudens show up at the door. "Mr. Prudens!" said Juno and quickly ran in to the little house. "What is it now Juno?" Said Mr. Prudens very tired. "Well yesterday i had this weird feeling in my back it was almost like a lockdown feeling, like i couldn't move for about 5 seconds, and then when it was all over, I got kinda like "Repelled" through the air". "Wait" said Mr. Prudens abruptly "What's up?" "I think i have heard of that before" he said. "Let me just look" He tumbled around the little house, looked in some books and then finally decided and grabbed a book from the shelf and walked over to the little table where Juno was sitting. "Here take a look at this" said Mr. Prudens. "Does this describe the feeling?" he turned to a page. "Hmmm, let me see" said Juno thinking" "Yeah it's kinda like that, except I couldn't control it". And then suddenly Juno went unconscious, almost like she had been knocked out. “Okay then take a look a-… JUNO!?” Juno was just hanging in the air like a doll with a faint blue sphere surrounding her. Then she was crumbled up for 1 second and then shot against the wall like an arrow. “Juno, Juno!, are you okay!?”. “Yeah I-I think so, Well my head hurts a bit but other than that, I’m all right” said Juno quietly. ”I think the same thing that happened yesterday happened again…”. “Here take this, it will help”. Mr. Prudens handed Juno a little flask with some yellow liquid from the big shelf. Juno poured the yellow liquid on the place where she hit her head. “Thanks Prudens” Juno said”. “You don’t have to say thanks to me” Mr. Prudens said laughing. “Okay if you want it that way haha” Juno said laughing back. “Well I’m really tired and I think I should go to sleep” Mr. Prudens said tired. “Yeah I have shooting practice early tomorrow, so I guess I should go to” Juno said. “Good night then” Mr. Prudens said and walked into his little bedroom on the second floor.

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