What doesn't kill you only makes me upset


3. Two- The office

When I finally got there, the after school bell had finally rung, so the office just told me to go home and that we would deal with it in the morning. I nodded my head, and walked to my locker. “Three . . . twenty seven . . . four.” I twisted those numbers into my locker combo, and it opened. I set my back pack on the floor besides me, and put all my books, pencils and school stuff inside my locker. Even the green pass. Without looking, I reached down and grabbed my back pack, and flung it on my back. I shut the locker and scrambled the combination. When I turned around, I saw my friend Ceilia standing behind me. “Gah!!!” I shouted as she giggled. I swear, the people I hang out with. “So is it true?” She asked. “I-is what true?” I placed my hand over my heart, as I caught my breath. “Did the witch give you a green pass?” Ceilia seemed more exited than concerned. “Yah she did, and I'm not very happy about it.” I said as I started heading for the door. “Oh! Of course! I'm sowwy-wowwy for the baby-waby” She hugged me as if I where a toddler with an ‘ouchy’. “Get … off … me.” I said, she released her grasp and went back to her ranting as we pushed open the door to the outside. “But who knew that bi-“ I interrupted her as loudly as I could. “Okay!! Well nice seeing you! I have to go now!” I shook her hand and walked the other way, with all the kids who where still waiting for their parents to come and pick them up. 

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