What doesn't kill you only makes me upset


1. Prologue

When you look around a classroom of any kind, most people intend to have instant labels for certain types of people. There's the geeks, who know every single detail to their favorite games. The jocks, who have massive muscles and sign there name under every sign up sheet for all sports in school. The snobby populars, now they are for some reason are the school celebrities for being horrible people, and are just horrible to everyone they meet, but are perfectly golden when the teachers are looking. Nerds, jerking and correcting you when you make a mistake in a math problem as if god himself told them the correct answer. And personally my favorite to hurt, the snitches whom ruin everything good, fun, or special to you.

Everyone has labels for everyone, except me. I never judged, and labeled anyone in my life. And when I say this, you need to know I am completely lying! I labeled myself too! I'm the quiet outcast type. The one of many who never really have friends, raise their hands, etc. Yeah! Woohoo! Invisible people rock! Oh wait they don’t. It's only sad. And it's not only people at school who piss the living daylight  out of me.

It happens in my family too. Okay so we know every family has there special bond, right? Nope! Wrong! My family is the worst! I come from a HUGE family. First of all I have eighteen siblings, six brothers, Cristian andLuke are the twins, Brian and Nettera (Netty for short) are the ‘perfect children’ but if u ask me there just devils that have only come into this world to annoy me every single day of my life. I get home and there standing in the door way with two evil little crooked smiles. “Hello Patty? How was your day?” They would ask in harmony as I slowly back away heading for my friends house. Then there are the triplets, the two boys Berry and Duce, and my sister Ray. Then we have my  sisters, which I'll get to as we go on. And you would think at least one of them would like me. Only one does, that's Berry the little sweet heart, he is actually the youngest of the bunch, so since every other sister and brother of mine are completely monsters, he hangs around me, the oldest. Which by the way sucks. But yah he sticks around me whenever he can. In any case, I still love them(?)


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