What doesn't kill you only makes me upset


2. One- Wednesday

I daydream a lot, and sometimes it gets me in a lot of trouble. Especially the class I'm in now. Ms. Youzy’s class. She is my language arts teacher. For some reason every time, the L.A. teacher is super mean. This is the life secrete I have learned. Ms.Youzy turned around facing the class with the chalk in her hand. “Patty!” My hand slipped from my chin, which was holding up my resting head, so when she raised her voice, my head went face first into my desk. I quickly bolted up out of my chair, as the class started laughing. “Y, yes ma’am?” I stuttered as I sat myself down embarrassed from all the laughing. “Read the third paragraph.” She said. I looked around the room, all the writing books where open to page seven hundred and thirty six. Yah Ms.Youzy takes that a little too seriously. I grabbed the writing book that was on my desk and opened it to page seven hundred and thirty six, as if I were following along. My eyes read from the left side of the page to the right, reading the title out loud by accident. “Bishops Castle?! Oh come on! So boring!” The last part on boring held its tone for a while as the class started laughing again. “Patty! Where you daydreaming . . . again in my class!?” My arms flew out in front of me, showing that I was annoyed with this conversation. “Oh please! For a women your age, you must at least day dream too! At least a little!” The class immediately stopped laughing and started whispering to one another. Ms. Youzy suddenly straightened up her back and grew like four inches taller. “See here young lady! I will not have this attitude in my class!” She rushed over to her desk and pulled out a green pass. ‘Great! Now you e done it! Green pass! Green Pass!’ I thought to myself. Okay for those who don't know what a green pass is, it's the worst kind of punishment we have here at Webber Academy. Once you get a green pass, your screwed. All your grades will drop down to an ‘f’ and you have to get them up, in school suspension, detention after school for two hours, janitors assistant, and lastly the worst … a call home! I almost end passed out when I saw her pull that out! I almost did a lotta things, half of me actually almost got up and RAN for it! So did the students, some actually did! Youzy pulled it out, grabbed one of her pens that never have any ink, and walked back over to me. She slammed it on my desk as if it was a brick.”Now, write your name on this line.” She pointed to the line with red letters spelling out name. ‘I'm am so screwed.’ I slowly grabbed the pen with my trembling hand, and wrote my name on the line. Ms.Youzy then told me to get up out of my chair pick up my stuff, and said to go to the principals office. I did as she said, as if in a trance.

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