Utopia Today, Dystopia Tommorow

A teenage boy lives in a small house in what remains of London. He lives there, alone, only meeting up with the occasional traveler going one of the last great cities in the world. After a great war centuries ago, the world was destroyed with only a few survivors. This teenage boy is going to find himself on a journey that would forever change his life, and his closest friends.


3. What Happened?

What, where am I?

My head hurts, I must have hit it.

Maybe I should open my eyes, I could orient myself.

I open my eyes and see a beaming sun above me. The building we were in is destroyed, crumbled completely around us. A couple hundred meters away, a large hole dents the ground. I look around and try to see Patagonia or Iliquit, but don't see them. There is a large boulder on my leg, probably broken. I hear a faint scream, and look up high enough to see some men lifting a women into a large aircraft. One small girl, looks over and runs to see me. 

"General Neve, come here, there is a wounded Scavenger here, along with two other over there!" she says, pointing to something in the distance. A tall, young man runs over and starts to lift the rubble off of me. He then lifts me onto one leg. I yelp out in pain, my leg seems to be badly injured. He then helps me hop a couple excruciating steps over to the aircraft. Other men carry Iliquit over to the aircraft, but Patagonia isn't with them. A huge wave of nausea washes over me. I vomit up blood onto the ground, I must have hit my stomach or something. They immediately lift me of the ground and start running towards the aircraft. I start to wobble back and forth, and start to lose feeling in my arms.  We enter the aircraft and they lay me down on a bed, and hook a tube into my arm.

"Doctor Miotia, come quick, we have a critical one!" the man says, and a women runs over and presses a button on a large machine, and my head lolls back.




"Gaaaaahh..." I groan as I returned to conscienceness.

Pain fills my body, and I have a terrible headache. I try to open my eyes, but when I do, a blinding light sears my eyes. I try to move my arm, barely, probably just my finger. I try the other arm, and I move it slightly. One of my legs doesn't move at all, and the other moves a bit. I try opening my eyes again, and this time, the light is less bright, and I can see with great difficult. No one was in the room with me, and there was a strange beeping noise above me. I look up to see a monitor with a heart and breathing lines moving. The room is very clean, and there are a couple chairs in the room. A doctor walks inside before I can prepare what to say.

"You're awake! How are you feeling?" She asks, checking the tube in my arm, and the monitor above me.

"I feel terrible... what happened?" I ask.

"Someone bombed the Irradiated London Exclusive Zone, and killed about four-hundred people, injuring about a thousand. You were caught a couple hundred meters from the blast radius, it's a miracle that you and your other friend is alive. We are taking you to Loyé to get better treatment." She says, as she switches an empty plastic bag from the medical stand replaces it with a full one.

"How badly am I hurt?" I inquire.

"Pretty badly, one of your legs is almost completely broken..."

"Orestia! Stop scaring the patient! Fear doesn't heal the heart!" An older women yells from somewhere. She walks in and opens my mouth and sets a small white tablet on my tongue.

"It's okay honey, just swallow this pill. It'll make you sleep until we get to Loyé."

I swallow the pill, and I fall into unconscienceness.


When I wake up, the whole room shifts to one side. I grab onto the rail of the hospital bed I am in. This time my leg is lifted onto a sling and completely bandaged. I also have a noticeable scar on my stomach. The painful dizzying feeling I felt before isn't here this time, and I just feel groggy. I am in a different room, and the room is also whiter and clearer this time. There is no hospital monitor in the room this time, and the room is a lot more open. A wheelchair is next to the bed this time. I carefully lift my injured leg off from the sling, and set it on the table, with much pain. I get myself into the wheelchair, and start pushing myself on the wheelchair out of the room. I push open the door, and I see a clean hospital, and tons of people inside the rooms. I wheel myself around the room, looking for Patagonia and Iliquit. I arrive at a room titled "Patient 912 - Patagonia Dual", which must be her. But how did they put a last name? And how did they find her last name? I brush off the questions and push myself into the room. A nurse is giving her a slice of bread when I enter.

"Patient 911! What are you doing outside your room? I thought you were unconscious!" the nurse says.

"Denali! You're here!" Patagonia says, trying to get up, but falling back down.

"I just came to see if you were alive." I say, as happiness overwhelms me. "I'm just...so happy to see you!"

"Patient 911 - Denali Jove - You're here, so we might as well just tell you the bad news. Iliquit Zeleznik is dead."

Me and Patagonia gasp, followed by an empty silence. Iliquit? Dead? How? 

"He was found dead in the same area you were found in. His head was completely crushed."

"Stop! Please!" Patagonia screams.

Patagonia sits up and uses the railing of the hospital bed to hit the nurse. The nurse pulls out a small electronic and clicks the red button.

"Security! I need assistance!" She screams.

Everything fades to black, with the faint sound of beeping fading in.

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