Utopia Today, Dystopia Tommorow

A teenage boy lives in a small house in what remains of London. He lives there, alone, only meeting up with the occasional traveler going one of the last great cities in the world. After a great war centuries ago, the world was destroyed with only a few survivors. This teenage boy is going to find himself on a journey that would forever change his life, and his closest friends.


6. Mars, the Bringer of War

A panic explodes in the back of the conveyor belt. Large public screens show a city in flames, with craters and mortars scattered around. The news says, "Yellowknife bombed by unknown forces, refugees are clogging the hyper loop for the first time since the Collapse." How could such a thing happen? Yellowknife was supposedly protected by a plasma shield, how could this happen in such a cruel way? Patagonia and I stare at each other stunned for a moment, until everyone starts running out of the mall. We dash for the nearest hyperloop and we throw ourselves into the capsule. We jettison out of the mall, and towards an empty plot of land.

People flood out of the mall and toward their plot of land. Building become replaced with bunkers, and many more head to the Presidential Palace. As bunker pop up left and right, we land into out land and place the box on the ground and stick in the cartridge. 

"What should we make? Another bunker?" Patagonia says, as we both have flashbacks to London.

"Yeah, I guess! I don't know?" I yell back, panicked.

We press the button on the front and a swarm of invisible robots flow out the projection hole and out into the air. They assemble into a control panel, and I type in the schematics for a bunker. We practically hurl ourselves inside, and we turn on an large screen in the bunker to see what was happening. 

"Who are these people?" Patagonia asks.

"I don't know, but Yellowknife, The London Exclusion Zone, " I wince as I remember that day and Iliquit, "The Sydney Exclusion Zone, and now the scientists are saying that the bombs were made of an unknown substance or energy." A chill runs down my spine. An unknown substance or energy? They've classified pretty much everything. It must be pretty hidden for them not to be able to identify it. 

"Unknown substance or energy? Is it really that strange? It's not just a regular explosive or something?" Patagonia replies surprised and scared.

"Yeah, it's very strange. Whatever it is, it was able to destroy the city and its protective shield!"

On the screen, we see ten people trying to cram themselves into a two-person capsule to get here. People are pushing and screaming and crying. Could it be another Collapse? We don't know what caused the Collapse in the first place. These people aren't used  to this kind of event happening around. Hyperloops flood out of a destroyed Yellowknife and start flooding to other safe cities. The Manaus and Reykjavik Tubes are completely full, while Loyé and Lhasa are still filling up. Many people are laying dead across the city. Large planes fly down into the ruins and pick up the injured and dead. Buildings collapsed and broken are scattered across the city. Could it happen here? No, we have better security. Doubt shatters through my mind. How can we be safe if we don't even know what it is? I brush it aside. Nothing can hurt us here.

Patagonia and I exchange worried glances. We decide to use our new projector to create meals and beds. After eating, we lay in our beds for a couple hours, talking about the day's events and silently agreeing not to talk about the bombing. I sit there thinking about today, but I end up just stressing myself out more. I close my eyes, and let my mind drift me to sleep.




I wake up with a jolt, but I'm not in the bunker. I see a haze all around me, and I'm standing on a random white platform in this glowing haze. I walk around, but see nothing. It seems as if the world had dissolved around me and been replaced with pure light. As I stood there, I heard footsteps behind me. The air seems to tense behind me. I look behind me to see a strange man. He has clothing made of dry, old, crackled plants. He wears a farmer's hat and chews on a branch of hazel. 

"Hello Denali." He says calmly, his ethereal voice booming across the firmament.

"Who...are you? Where am I?" I ask, hesitant and frightened.

"No need to know who I am now, but I will tell you where you are."


"A place known as the Empyrean."

"What is it?"

"It is made of a substance called Æther."

"What is that?" I ask, becoming frustrated with this strange man telling me cryptic messages.

"Not something you can comprehend."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nevermind that, it takes a lot of energy to show myself to you now."

"And what?"

"And I need to tell you something."

"Get to the point!" I yell, my impatience breaking.

"Humans have become corrupt. They've become too comfortable with their lives. They live looking at their Unitechs without person to person contact. The Council of Twelve has decided to punish humanity, but humanity is slowly doing it to itself."

"How are they hurting themselves?"

"During what humans call the 'Collapse', humans used radioactive weapons to destroy itself. Now they've survived, but they don't know that the radiation hurts the Filament. This causes it to lash out and become unstable, exploding without a trace."

"What is Filament?"

"I've run out of time talking to you, your time will come soon. Soon you will experience something to change everything you and your friend see that will expose you to the Filament. So long." He waves goodbye and everything starts to fade.

"No, you haven't told me anything!" I yell, but the light fades and darkness swallows me.


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