Utopia Today, Dystopia Tommorow

A teenage boy lives in a small house in what remains of London. He lives there, alone, only meeting up with the occasional traveler going one of the last great cities in the world. After a great war centuries ago, the world was destroyed with only a few survivors. This teenage boy is going to find himself on a journey that would forever change his life, and his closest friends.


4. Hospital to Hospital, When Will It End?

This is getting old isn't it?

I feel like I've been transferred to, what feels like, seventy hospitals.

I'm able to move now, and the weird anesthetics they use give me weird dreams, but not too scarring.

Except for that one. Iliquit? Dead? Maybe. I haven't seen him, and it has only been me and Patagonia being transferred around. Maybe I should just accept his death and move on. 

"Denali? Are you going to eat your strudel?" Patagonia says, jerking me out of daydream.

"Yeah, I will in a sec, just thinking about Iliquit."

"Denali. We will never give up on finding him. You know that."

"I don't know."

"Never give up, remember?"


"What are we going to do after we leave the hospital? We are only teenagers. We can't get a job, and the city will never accept us because we are from outside Loyé. We should leave Loyé, maybe there is a place where they will accept us."

"Is there a map anywhere in the building that we can use?"

"Yeah, I saw one over near the radiology center."

"Let's go then."

I leave my strudel on the table and get into my wheelchair. Patagonia can walk, but with an IV stand. We slowly but surely make our way across the hospital to the map. Most of the world is irradiated. Loyé is a large dot in the Alps, but there are others! Other cities, not many, across the planet. There is a city called Yellowknife in North America, and a city called Manaus in South America. Alice Springs in Australia, and Lhasa in Asia. Along with nothing in Africa. 

"Maybe one of these cities will accept us?" I ask.

"How about Reykjavik?" She replies.

"Oh! I hadn't seen that one!"

Reykjavik, capital of Earth. It seems so obvious now. It's just sitting there, on, what is that? Iceland? That is where my family is from. They'll definitely accept us there. 

"Yeah, we should go there, but how?" I ask.

"I've heard of the hyperloop, a super fast train that goes underground."

"How do we get there?"

"Don't know."


2 Months Later


"You are now free to go, Denali and Patagonia." The doctor says, confirming our freedom.

"Yes!" We both yell.

I wheel myself next to Patagonia, who looks beyond elated. As soon as we exit, the cleanest air ever hits my face. My lungs fill with this delicious air, taking it in in swaths. As we leave, we immediately look for a sign that says anything about a hyperloop. We wander around the luxurious city, and take in all the sights. We finally find the hyperloop, and enter a small, two person capsule.

"This looks awesome!" I exclaim.

"Isn't everything in this city awesome?" Patagonia adds.

Everyone on this hyperloop, please fasten your seatbelt and prepare to reach Mach 5.

"What is a Mach?" Patagonia asks.

"Mach One is the speed of sound, wait,  five times the speed of sound?!" I exclaim.

We will accelerate in 10...

"I don't know if I'm ready for this!" I yell over the growing sound.

9, 8, 7...

"Me either!" Patagonia yells back.

6, 5, 4...

"Should I get the barf bag out for the both of us?" I yell.

3, 2, 1...

"Yes, AHHHHH!!" Patagonia yells, combined with our scream as the capsule starts moving.

The speed builds upon itself, and soon a map appears on the screen of Europe. It shows a red line from Loyé to Reykjavik. In one corner it says Mach 5.3, and in another it says 35 minutes to destination. There is also a camera button, that I tapped to show me the outside. Loyé quickly accelerates away, and soon we are greeted by miles upon miles of forest. Fifteen minutes in, we exit Europe and enter the ocean. The ocean has lots of trash floating on the top. The ocean then hits ice, which is only temporary, and soon we slow down and stop in the city.

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