Utopia Today, Dystopia Tommorow

A teenage boy lives in a small house in what remains of London. He lives there, alone, only meeting up with the occasional traveler going one of the last great cities in the world. After a great war centuries ago, the world was destroyed with only a few survivors. This teenage boy is going to find himself on a journey that would forever change his life, and his closest friends.


2. Gathering A Party

I run home full speed, holding the water. When I get to my house in the late evening, I gather my fish jerky and bread and put them in my sack, along with my blanket and pocket knife. I then set my sack under my bed, and set off to find Patagonia and Iliquit. After walking for a couple minutes I find myself approaching their house in an abandoned post office. The two were eating a newt on the floor.

        "Hello, may I join your catch?" I ask.

     "Öf course, we have some room." Iliquit says.

      We talk about our journey, but also our dilemma of trying to cross the highly toxic English Channel. We came to the conclusion that we should try to find the Chunnel. We also discussed the journey from London to Loyé. Loyé used to be a city known as Bern in Switzerland. We first will have to walk twenty miles to the abandoned town of Ashford, and then another thirty-eight miles to Dover, where we should find the Chunnel. The bulk of the land is forested, and it would take about two days to get to Dover. From there, we would cross the Chunnel, and enter mainland Europe. We use a stick to draw out the path on the road map. The Chunnel is twenty-three miles long, so an estimated day to cross. As we discuss, we also start packing, taking our map and lantern, along with some more food.


      Crash! An explosion's sound is heard from far away. Then more, getting louder and louder. And then...


      A bright light envelops the building and I collapse to the ground.

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