Guardians of the World

Human's fear of disease has created werewolf, human's attempt to reanimate the dead had created the undead, and the diseased one's characteristics were exaggerated into the features of the vampires. All of these listed above are not genuine, but once majority of the area believes the story, it becomes true. The battle versus the imaginary monsters, [Mares], and the humans who are to protect the world from them.


1. The Guardians

Guardians of the World

The Guardians

In the moderate sized town of Roberts Town, bordering the sea and the nearby settlements, the two humanoid figures could be seen walking along the seemingly endless areas of the beach. The one who were in front seemed to be enjoying the walk while the one who stood behind him felt somewhat sick of such actions.

"Mr. Arches! Its not a time to play around while we are in the mission!" The owner of the frustrated voice was a young woman who was a [Voyager], those with low status that were to participate in the dangerous journey with the [Guardians]. Though she was once the daughter of the noble, her family's loss in the bestowing of the royal authority caused her to end in this current situation.

"Have you ever heard a mermaid tale from your mother?" Trace Arches, the short, child-like [Guardian], gave hints to the anxiousness of his Voyager's expression. 

"Yes, but why?"

"What was the first thing you imagined when you though carefully into my question?"

"Umm... A fine lady with the legs of the aquatic beings that welcomes the wandering man into the depth of ocean?"

"Indeed. If you were to witness a friend that is dragged into the depth of the ocean in front of your eyes, what would you assume that it might be?" 

"A mermaid," 

The [Guardian] ceased his wondering movement and stood in front of his Voyager with his hands clamped together in his back. He soon walked close toward his Voyager and whispered these words to her ears. 

"The mermaid story has changed from 'welcomes the wandering man into the depth of ocean' to 'drags down the unsuspecting man into the depth of the ocean'"

"I understand, but is there something wrong?" Voyager asked her Guardian for the explanation.

"Mermaids only take man who has been unclaimed, take the look at the shore right now."

What had appeared on the shore was the sight of the jealous mermaid who had the furious, yet calming expression that seemed to restrain her from taking Trace into the ocean with her. Soon, the Mares dived into the depth of the ocean.

"...." Voyager's leg gave out.

"You didn't run away," Trace offered his hand to her.

"Welcome to my journey." 





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