Guardians of the World

Human's fear of disease has created werewolf, human's attempt to reanimate the dead had created the undead, and the diseased one's characteristics were exaggerated into the features of the vampires. All of these listed above are not genuine, but once majority of the area believes the story, it becomes true. The battle versus the imaginary monsters, [Mares], and the humans who are to protect the world from them.


2. The Depth of Mermaids

Guardians of the World

The Depth of Mermaids

"Hey, _____!" The smile of the child as bright as the sun in the daylight and as clear and truthful as the gracefulness of the moonlight became deeply memorable and vivid to the young lady who had forgotten her name.

"_____?" Though the origins of the pure expression was calling to her with the key to her existence itself, she couldn't hear the most important part of the message. Her name was to be unrevealed due to the certain cage.

"Hey, Elena!" Trace, who was tilting the entire bed with his own tiny hands, called upon her new name. 

"y...Yes!?" Elena responsively answered to Trace's call before he was about to let her off to the wooden floor.

"Prepare yourself immediately, we are about to have a meeting with the mayor of the town."



On their way to the chief's house, the two witnesses the crowds of people gathered around one circle. Elena seems to be curious about the subject, but Trace's expression revealed a bit of disgust.

"I am telling you! There was a mermaid who grabbed onto my foot!" The man shouted in utter panic and the people around him began to chatter among themselves regarding the matter.

"Who knows if the mermaids will come to the land..." 

"I doubt that," Trace walked toward the center of the circle with the atmosphere of those who have higher authority. 

"Mermaids may be half human, but they are also half fish," Trace suggested.

"How likely is it for a creature with fish legs to crawl up to the village?"

The conversation of doubt circled between the group of citizens.

"Why is your mother letting you to be part of this conversation?" The man who reported to confront the mermaid asked him.

"My apologies for late introductions, I am the 151st ranking Guardian, Trace Arches," Trace, attempting to hide his frustration with his formal introduction, introduced himself in the front of the crowd.

"How could a child like you be..." When the man was about to say more, the chief broke into the crowd.

"Mr. Arches, you have arrived sooner than my expectations!"

The chief, elderly and wisely, greeted the childlike figure with the utmost welcoming. 


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